• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Scorpio
  • Moon enters Sagittarius 8:22am
  • Moon Void of Course: 12:54am – 8:22am

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Mercury is in the middle of a huge series of aspects to the outer planets, and this has such a multidimensional effect, it bears some focus. For a couple of years now, any time any planet moves into a new sign, it goes through a profound series of connections with all the outer planets, because the outer planets are lined up that way, in the early degrees of their respective signs. This in itself is a very rare occurrence, and I have been calling this process a recalibration of the personal planet, each time it moves through. It has served as a reorientation for whichever part of our lower body system is being affected. This has been necessary as we are transformed into 5D beings. And the process is far from over.

It is actually going to continue, though somewhat further into the signs as the outer planets progress, until the Spring of 2015, when it all starts to break up. That’s no surprise, is it? That Spring Equinox of 2015 marks the end of this threshold we have been crossing since the Winter Solstice last year, and even further back than that. We might consider the beginning of this journey the Jupiter Pluto conjunction on the Galactic Center at the end of 2007.

Just something to ponder while we are allowing the cauldron to bubble. For now, there is a concentration of energy in Scorpio which will continue until the just before the Winter Solstice. Venus opened this alchemical/manifestational process for us when she enters Scorpio and connected with the North Node and Saturn on the weekend of the Fall Equinox. It is fitting that the heart was calibrated with this process first, because it is a deep and multilayered one, and the heart is not given to the need to understand absolutely everything. Not the way the mind is.

Mercury entered Scorpio on September 30 and promptly moved into his retrograde shadow. That means that the Great Messenger is currently moving over degrees of the zodiac he will soon revisit when he goes retrograde on October 20. Everything that began on October 1 will be revisited. I have been calling these situations the topic of the season. As much as you might wish these situations away, they are up for your understanding, because that’s what Mercury provides. BUT, and there’s a big BUT….

If you are in your lower mind, you will actually prevent yourself from the receiving the understanding you are here for. If you’re freaking out, or attached to what is being taken from you, or deciding the outcome before you understand the story line, YOU’RE IN TROUBLE. In truth, there is no such thing as trouble, but let me put it this way: You’d be in a much more comfortable state if you would take the observer mode, watch this scene like a movie, and wait for full comprehension before doing anything.

And above all, let go.

Mercury makes two connections today: an inconjunct to Uranus first thing this morning inside the void Capricorn Moon, and a very significant conjunction with Saturn at 3:40pm EDT. (Mercury has connected with Neptune, the North Node, Pluto, and Chiron so far). What is important is that every one of these connections will be repeated two more times before Mercury completes his retrograde cycle. These calibrations we are going through at the mental level are extremely important.

When Mercury goes retrograde, which he does every four months for three weeks like a clock, he does so to give us all the chance to integrate all that we have encountered since the last retrograde cycle. We NEED these retrogrades, but in order to get the most out of them, we need to let go of where we are and literally take the backwards journey, if only in our minds. (The truth is, we only do EVERYTHING in our minds). But all too often we are unwilling to let go of the places where we have gotten our Selves to, fearing that we will lose ground or something like that.

None of that is possible. Mercury will restore us to where we are when he goes retrograde, when he gets back there about 5 weeks later. It’s worth the ride. Today’s Mercury Saturn conjunction brings up a topic related to last weeks Venus Saturn conjunction, only this time we will be processing mentally till Mid-December. Take today’s topic seriously, and realize it will be with you for long while. Embrace, don’t evade or try to run away. Mercury will not allow this sort of behavior, not for long anyway.

Remember this is the Scorpio part of your consciousness, and it is all about those emotions that have persisted for all of your life, connected to your core issues. Let them come up, be worked on by Scorpio’s alchemy, and be rebirthed. You don’t need whatever is falling away. It’s the emotions connected that are being discarded, not necessarily the person place or thing associate with it. Work on letting go of old emotional responses and your relationships may be restored, if that is in your best interest.

The point is you don’t know. Let it BE that you don’t know and go from there.

“Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear
And I can’t help but ask myself how much I let the fear
Take the wheel and steer
It’s driven me before
And it seems to have a vague, haunting mass appeal…
But lately I’m beginning to find that
When I drive myself my light is found.”

– Brandon Boyd

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