• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Taurus: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 5:03pm - Midnight

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Next Satsang is on Wednesday, November 6th at 7pm EDT on What is an Eclipse, REALLY?’. We will be in the midst of a couple of eclipses at that time, and understanding this extraordinary energy can change your life..Send your questions to me via email or in the registration portion of the teleconference sign up…
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Once again here is your opportunity to ground yourself , heal your body, mind and spirit taking that next important new step into the life you are wanting to create now. This event is happening on one of the many very significant astrological dates of this fall season. It’s all about rebirth and resurrection in all your relationships. With the most important being the one you are having with yourself! Self Love, Self-care and nurturing are keys here…
When: Sunday Oct 20th 12- 12:30 pm EST (this is a remote event)
Where: in the comfort of your own home, no need for phone or internet connect. Instructions will be sent after registering
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Don’t forget to register for Dr. Sherri Greene’s Sacred Feet Healing/Grounding transmission that takes place at noon EDT today. There’s a link just above… Can’t think of anything more important at a profoundly energized moment such as this…

This is a quiet day, as aspects go, but we are just entering into a number of different events that are being felt very radically right now, even if it is a less than active day. We have just entered a wormhole that will take us to the Full Moon on November 17th. Mars, ruler of the worm hole (the Aries full Moon/eclipse kicked it off), has just moved into Virgo and is in the middle of making two major polarities to Neptune and Chiron. We are inside a major Scorpio cauldron that is alchemizing each and every one of us… that is, we are turning from lead to gold on every level of our being. AND we are in the Mercury station today, preparing for a backwards journey through Scorpio that begins tomorrow morning at 6:29am EDT.

So it’s a quiet day, but that provides us with a chance to truly FEEL all that’s going on. Feeling is a great thing these days, despite the fact that 50% of all feelings are uncomfortable. Just don’t confuse feelings with thoughts. You may feel a huge amount, but that doesn’t mean you understand what’s going on. For that you need your head. And using your cognitive abilities is not the main activity in a moment like this. In fact, if you DON’T use your head you will find much more objective awareness today, while Mercury is virtually stopped in the cosmos. ALLOWING understanding is much more productive than reaching for it.

Mercury is going retrograde inside a void Taurus Moon that activates at around 5pm EDT this evening. Taurus is a great sign, grounded and very present, connected to the Earth and the Heavens, all at the same time. It is the sign opposite Scorpio, producing a kind of polarity that allows for much observation today. The stationing Mercury allows for much objectivity. While understanding what’s going on isn’t exactly what we need to reach for right now, more objective awareness of what’s going on is possible now than ever, IF we can just allow for it, without making it a goal.

Instead, FEEL what you feel today, and allow yourself to discover the Truth of who you really are. The Moon polarizes with both Saturn and Mercury today, giving us quite a range of vision. At 5:03pm the Moon sextiles Jupiter before entering a void that will last until 12:15pm tomorrow. A void that is generated by a Moon Jupiter sextile promises to be expansive and conscious in character. What could be better than that?

Meanwhile, Mars’s polarity with Neptune on Saturday night should have brought up certain physical realities. These may have to do with your body or your health, with your home or the planet. These are all parts of the physical world. As Mercury prepares to turn around, he acts like a giant new ladle being placed into the Scorpio cauldron. All that stirring we’ve been doing is about to reverse itself. What would alchemy be without a little backwards stirring?

We will go back over the steps we’ve taken since October 1st, so be prepared to discover parts of your story you didn’t catch the first time. Discover is a good Scorpio word. In the Scorpio realm, it seems as though many things are hidden away, like secrets, but that is inevitable in a deep space such as this. The cauldron is stirring things so that what has been hidden in the emotional depths of our being is suddenly showing and revealed.

No matter how it feels, it’s a good, no a GREAT thing. Embrace what is revealed with all your heart. That is how alchemy proceeds.

“Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.”

– Joseph Campbell

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