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  • Moon Void of Course: 8:36pm - Midnight
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I want to apologize for the lack of horoscopes this week. I have been down for the count, physically, and while I LOVE to write those scopes, they take a lot out of me when I’m not at the top of my game. I have written a bunch of them, and who knows, maybe my drive will return tomorrow. I appreciate everyone’s kindness and patience… Mercury is whooping my behind. Many of you know that tomorrow (the 23rd) is my birthday. I have spent the last two years physically very out of alignment, and while I am SO much more whole and balanced this year, there’s nothing like a case of intense bronchitis to knock you out. I didn’t move yesterday (except to write this at 8:30pm)… This cauldron has a strangely physical component that cannot be overlooked.

It seems that the more fully we move into 5D, the more completely the physical and the emotional intertwine. The more we come to understand the nature of the emotional body, something we have yet to do completely, the more we can perceive the interconnectedness of the two parts of the Divine Feminine, the emotional and the physical. Mercury went retrograde yesterday and it was an intense event. If you didn’t feel it, I will be very surprised. Everything we’ve just been through must be revisited and revised. Nothing gets left undone. So think about what you’ve been through during the last three weeks… don’t overthink it, just enough to know it when you return to it for review.

Much of it will be physical, some of it will be emotional. On October 3rd my sister and I had words. I love my sister very much. We rarely have words. But we did and I decided to take some space. This past Saturday was her birthday. She lives in LA but she made her way to New York (we grew up here) to reunite with a bunch of her childhood friends. She invited me, but when we had words I decided not to go. By the time she got here, I was really out of it with bronchitis. Even if I had wanted to join her, I would not have been able to. But she called me yesterday, just before she left and we have a lovely talk and ended the nonsensical distance. That distance began just a Mercury entered his shadow and it ended just as Mercury went retrograde.

It may appear to be complete, but Mercury has more to show us. This is an alchemical process that is going to change everything. I can’t ignore the fact that my health had something to do with all this. I’ve had some lung related issues since my Dad died on June 25th, and I then started a major cleanse on July 19th. I can believe I am cleansing, and there is, of course, some serious grief there, which is often what the lungs represent. My Dad died of lung cancer. I don’t know, family, grief, birthdays, it’s all there in the cauldron. One thing is for sure.. by the time Mercury goes direct on November 8th, this will be clear, understood, and transformed.

Think about what’s happened to you since October 1st and remain in observer mode about it. Watch it, like a story line, and embrace it when it starts up again. Mercury is moving back and forth through Scorpio, and he will hit Saturn, the North Node, the Sun and the Moon before he’s done. He will also aspect just about every outer planet two more times before his retrograde journey is complete. He is definitely stirring the pot that contains all our core emotions that are being dredge up by the stirring of the cauldron.

At around 3pm EDT the Sun and Mars form an etheric polarity (a contraparallel) that should shed some serious light on any physical issues we’ve been dealing with. With the Gemini Moon going strong, the challenge is to stay out of your head and in your heart at all times. Overthinking never got anyone anywhere. The Moon goes void at 8:30pm and remains so for more than 24 hours.

Tomorrow will be a day for retreat and inner reflection.

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

– Khalil Gibran

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