• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Aquarius
  • Moon enters Pisces: 9:37pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 12:58am – 9: 37pm
  • MER CURY TURNS DIRECT: 2 Scorpio 30

For those of you who signed up the November Satsang, What is an Eclipse, REALLY?… Well, THIS is REALLY what an eclipse is…. Stuff happens that you just plain could never expect and it changes everything. I am going to do the Satsang. I promise you all.. I meant to do it today, but my webmaster is not available to set it up. It will be sometime this week, watch for the announcement. You can still register for it here: If you bought the MP3 and you can’t make it to the Satsang, you will receive it via email.. That last eclipse was right on my Mercury. I don’t know what else to say.
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I have a lot to say today, which makes sense, since Mercury is going direct at last. First, I would like to take a moment to explain a little about what’s going on with me. Most of you know I hate to let you down. It’s the last thing in the world I choose to do, so I hope you know that these moments when I just can’t get the work done are not arrived at lightly. I didn’t mean to scare you.. I am not life threateningly ill. But I am out of sorts enough to not be able to get to the work, or to do a lecture, or whatever else comes up.

There is something up with my health and I am going to check it out thoroughly, though I am sure you know that is not something I relish at this point in time. I have been through years of doctors and western medicine and while I can thank it for my life, it was also a lot more of a painful process than I am sure it had to be. I learned a lot, but I am not thrilled to have to go back there. I need a lot more personal TLC, nurturing that I give to my Self, and so I have a reluctant announcement to make:

There will be no horoscopes on this site for the rest of the year. I am looking for a guest scope writer, but I am not attached to finding him or her. I just can’t do it right now. When I get my health back completely (and that is my plan), I will be back… The Daily Weather will continue as usual, but even here, I need you to know that there may be days like the two that happened this week, and I may not be able to pull it off. I feel very old. I feel like I’ve gotten old and left my good health somewhere, and I need to get it back.

I just went through a four month physical cleanse that was meant to take me to great well being. I’m a little freaked. But today, as Mercury turns around and begins to stir this cauldron the right way again, I am sure that in the weeks ahead all the information will make itself known. This cauldron has been very difficult for me, as any of you know. It has been a real lesson in staying neutral at all costs. There’s a lot to know about this coveted state of being, and I will share it with you as we go.

Meanwhile, today is the day it all turns around. Mercury goes direct and everything we have experienced since October 1st gets revisited now for a third time, the last time. One thing I have noticed already is how different I am. I am way more no nonsense than ever before and while I have always had that tendency, I have never been fully comfortable with it, as if I had no right to want what I want. What I realize now is that if I believe you have the right to want what you want, I do too, and it has to be perfectly all right. If it isn’t then what?

So Mercury turns around and begins making the third of three aspects to nearly all the planets it connected with when he went retrograde. First will be a final trine to Neptune. This Mercury Neptune trine has marked the entire retrograde cycle and even the worm hole period. Things are going to start to clear up now. Don’t be surprised if the first thing you notice is a lot of clouds. They were everywhere, and we were barely able to make them out. In one week the full Moon in Taurus will mark the end of the worm hole and the beginning of the break up of the Scorpio cauldron. This week is going to be a great relief compared to the last six weeks, despite the fact that the cauldron’s alchemy will continue for another couple of weeks.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Mercury station degree, 3 Scorpio, reprinted with the author’s permission, from his book Star Sparks:

Scorpio 3: Pigs being fed.

”If we are ravenous, it’s only because we haven’t been fed what we really need and we’ve become accustomed to substitutes. The outer has become our obsessive focus. The inner has lost out to what shows up as urgent, gotta go here, gotta make it work there.

We live through the external to such an extent that our soul starves and we rarely recognize the symptoms. It starts with telling ourselves stories about what is happening and who we are, stories which are old, stories which we have told so many times before. Then it gets much worse when we institutionalize and crystallize the patterns as fatalistically assumed to go that way every time. Now we really are generating a runaway world with a self hiding from itself everywhere.

The compulsive feedback loop of the external has to be unhooked. The habitual turning toward doing it the same way again needs badly to be overturned. But how can we turn these matters around when they are the very stuff of our lives, the glue that keeps us together?

Well, we have to get fed up to such an extent that we touch once again that raw place of burning need for substantiation, for embodied heart forces to prevail somehow somewhere. And then we will begin to discover that none of this is happening to us, all of it is our own way to perpetrate the syndromes that seemed to offer safety and security, comfort and stability, ease and familiarity.

We have bought the system, the lie. We have fallen for the semblance version. No matter how far we took it, it still turns out to be empty and void. The Old Earth can’t feed us enough lies and promises to keep us going in times of radical earth shifts, the ones which our body is right in the midst of and powerfully channeling.

There is great hope that can come out of the confrontation with the old outward stuff and the ways it leaves us cold and barren.”

“If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.”

– Henry David Thoreau

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