• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Pisces: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • 11:11 Star Gate

For those of you who signed up the November Satsang, What is an Eclipse, REALLY?… Well, THIS is REALLY what an eclipse is…. Stuff happens that you just plain could never expect and it changes everything. I am going to do the Satsang. I promise you all.. I meant to do it today, but my webmaster is not available to set it up. It will be sometime this week, watch for the announcement. You can still register for it here: If you bought the MP3 and you can’t make it to the Satsang, you will receive it via email.. That last eclipse was right on my Mercury. I don’t know what else to say.
Go to http://www.dev.thecosmicpath.com/events?ee=41 to Register….


From now until November 13th, you can take advantage of Stephanie’s Worm Hole special, by scheduling an appointment for a 45 minute session. For regular clients, the 45 minute session is $100, ($50 off the regular exchange). For new clients, the 45 minute session is $150, (also $50 off the regular exchange).
Please mention the worm hole special when you email StephanieAzaria@aol.com

Book your session now, once the 13th comes and goes, the special goes the way of the worm hole.

There have been more site problems over the weekend… after switching to a brand new private server, both my sites were hit with viruses, which we then had to very meticulously clean up and install protection against. In 15 years of owning my own web site, I have never had an issue like this. It cost me hundreds of dollars, and it wasn’t working till late last night. So the site is as full as we could get it for today. But I do want to announce once again that I will not be writing weekly horoscopes for the site for at least the rest of the year.

I know how much everyone loves those scopes, but they take a lot out of me, and I don’t have that much to give at the moment. Please come ad read the daily weather every day for the latest on what’s happening in the cosmos.

Mercury has gone direct and despite lots of snafus and Mercury like issues, things are starting to make sense again. Let’s talk about that huge water event that occurred on the planet this past weekend. I’ve been told that the word Haiyan, the name of the Typhoon, means heart. What do you think about that? Venus has been traveling SO FAR out of bounds that this kind of thing appears. Typhoons and huge storms cleanse and clear the planet. Yes there was a huge loss of human life, but you know these earth events are not going to stop any time soon. We must remain neutral and hold the space of not good/not bad if things are going to get set right.

This is a cauldron, and watery events are to be expected. This sort of storm is alchemical, so we shall see what comes of it as the days wear on. We are aware, at the moment, of only one city. With today’s Mercury Neptune trine, let’s not be surprised if a veil lifts and then lifts some more. There’s of lot of truth that remains to be revealed. Keep your eyes peeled.

The cauldron is still bubbling and brewing for at least another week or so, and even though Mercury is moving forward again, there’s a lot to be unearthed, to be revealed, as Mercury recovers his path over the via combusta Scorpio pathway. This is that moment when everything that is new begins to show. No defining it please, just experiencing it… allowing it.. Letting it be revealed.

It’s a busy week, with Mercury coming to the North Node, Saturn, and all the other planets that are at 9 degrees of their signs. This is where the alchemy occurs.

Please stay tuned to the site all week for additions and extras that have never appeared before. I may not be up for all the usual fanfare, but there’s always room for a surprise or two. I have so many wonderful writers and they are all present to offer up their brilliance. Please don’t miss their contributions this week, as I do my very best to get back up on my feet.

“Change begins with first accepting, being present with that which you so desperately wish to change. When you allow the discomfort that is birthing your desire for change to exist, only then are you in an empowered position to create anew.”
-Pleiadian High Council (Though Lauren Gorgo)

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