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The Neptune station was very powerful and it had a way of setting everything right again, didn’t it? Months of feeling like we were being tossed around in the spin cycle got to very disconcerting point (at least it did for me). Granted, Neptune stationed within degrees of my Ascendant, and the cauldron has my Sun/Mercury in its clutches, but it’s been a very rough, long haul, and though it isn’t quite over, it sure feels like the breaking up of the torture chamber has begun. (Okay, maybe torture is a strong word, but this is one of the toughest passages I’ve ever been through, and I’ve been through Cancer and total kidney failure.)

If did feel like being hurled into a huge fog at 100 miles an hour, though the fog was more receptive than anything else. The ending of a long hard ride turned into a much softer, slower, easier passage. We are still hard pressed to say exactly what has happened, and as ever, do resist the temptation to define it all just yet. This is that moment… that glorious, glorified moment, when we enter the new world of our own creation. Don’t give it a name before you see it’s face.

Let IT tell you what it’s called. Have the experience. Become one with it. Come to Know it as you have never known anything before. This is the new world… Let Go and Let it Be. Let it Be and Let it Become. In the allowing is also the realization that you have already created this, and that nothing is new, just newly realized.

Venus is on her way to a major season. She is about to conjoin with Pluto (tomorrow) after kicking off the whole Pluto-ruled cauldron on the Fall equinox. She squares Uranus today, sextiles Chiron tonight, and these three aspects are going to set up up with a one/two/three punch. In some cases this ‘punch’ is going to feel like the miracle we’ve been waiting for forever. In others, it will be more intense. But either way, it is the entry way to the winter season.

Venus is going to make her way to nearly 29 Capricorn and go retrograde on the day of the winter solstice. Meanwhile Jupiter, who just went retrograde the other day, is making his way back to 10 Cancer, the exactly polar (opposite) point of the Venus Pluto conjunction tomorrow. All this (very out of bounds) Venus energy is setting us up to be prepared to take our hearts where they have not gone before, though we’ve done plenty of dreaming about it. That is to say, it won’t be entirely unfamiliar.

What we will notice more than anything is how long it took us to get back here. That’s right… this is it. After Venus retrogrades this winter, Mars and then Mercury will retrograde, one after the other, each one stationing at 29 Libra. That is exactly square to the Venus station. Sure looks like a very masterful recalibration of the new human body system to me.

I don’t want to give it any more definition than that. Everything we are moving into depends on our capacity to resist the temptation to define it.

While we’re here, here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for yesterday’s Neptune station, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks. Oh my:

Pisces 3: An eye gazing out of the top of a pyramid.

”Being shown by spirit everything we need to know. This vantage point being held alone in the superconscious. Going around on the surface as though these things were not known. The outcome generating a subtle feeling of great wisdom and antiquity. The overt expression remaining unrevealing, almost devoid of the fine inward stretches of awareness and sensibility.

Living almost entirely inside. The outer almost formal, strict, very surfacey. The inner stretching so far and wide that there is no limit in sight anywhere. Being able to travel, to delve, to awaken, to realize.

The autonomous inward spirit searching and finding hidden keys to unlock the world. If these are shared, and brought back alive, they are expressed in a form which still conceals and veils. These are secrets and mysteries which have rarely been divulged. They may be more open now. But something remains esoteric, out of reach, beyond the scope of the common mind.

A certain mystique or aura charged with power. Bearing astounding treasures and soul gifts. Making sure to protect and surround these wonders with whatever is needed to keep the curious at bay. Ingenious in the art of deception and many shape changes.

But primarily concerned with what evolves on inner planes and is sealed away from outer eyes almost entirely. Gifted in working and moving and sensing in worlds apart. Perhaps even wakefully present in levels of awareness which are not yet plumbed by the species.

Granted just the right combination to stay with whatever is deemed to be critically important for somebody to carry and bear intact. In the outer life, not much like the weaver of core magic. Yet on the deep inside, given over to what means the very most around here.”

“Follow your inner GPS, not some busted old map given to you by others.”

– Rose Etheridge

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