• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Libra: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No

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Happy Thanksgiving! (And Happy Hanukkah too!)… I am so grateful for all of you… and for the fact that we are able to take this journey to the new world together. There must be something significant about the fact that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fall on the same day… I had heard this won’t happen again for 77,000 years, but then I am pretty sure that more accurately it will be another 77 years before this happens again. So once in a lifetime… that is usually significant enough, and THIS lifetime, it all has to mean something… I’d love to hear your ideas…

I have some interesting thoughts from some amazing people…
Tis from Lori Rafalof:
Today is a day [like so many others these days] with no major planets in Air signs.
Is this the collective ‘holding of our breath’ as we wait for the watery Scorpio energies to dissipate and move us forward in the flow?
Has the collective thought process shifted enough for us to move into our hearts and share with the world around us?
As if the lack of air or oxygen requires us to move swiftly beyond the mental activity (mercury) and seek a heart balance in all our relationships (libra) and awaken to our higher consciousness (aquarius) through compassion for ourselves and others.
As we ‘hold our breath’ this is where we find God.
The space between breaths.

And this from Brad Melamed:
Yet I do feel wiped out (I’ve never lost so much sleep) and ruined but in the best possible way. I think we have been our own destroyers. It’s interesting because thoughts of suicide have been present from time to time the last few years but I see now that they have been present because I have been in the process of deconstructing/destroying the old self. It sounds extreme but I’ve been committing a kind of murder of self. This is why the path requires courage big time!

Lastly, I had an image of a baby born but not yet taking it’s first breath. Does that feel right to you? We’re about to breathe in and let out a beautiful holy wail of new life! And right now like a new born, I have to accept my state of helplessness. No more plan B’s. No more borrowing money. Just letting go and being helpless and allowing for the magic day by day.

These are amazing expressions of a new consciousness born of the Scorpio alchemy that has just taken place. I have had the concept for a long time of our human race learning to breathe in water again, (that’s where we started, right?) only this time we don’t need to actually be submerged in liquid, because we are 5D humans now. Breathing into our emotional bodies and living there is the key to the new consciousness.

Today Mercury is very active with Jupiter and Venus. Venus opposes the retrograde Jupiter too. Venus has already entered her retrograde shadow, and she is going to make this important opposition three times before she’s done. She is going retrograde on the Winter Solstice. Mercury has entered a whole new cycle, leaving his direct shadow yesterday. This Thanksgiving Day is where it all begins again.

New Life, new breath, new vision new consciousness. Let the old fall away as it shows up. It will not serve in the new world.

“Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out.”

– Michael Burke

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