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I don’t know about you, but that Sagittarius New Moon went a long way toward lifting my spirits. All that Scorpio water was getting too much for me. I am an honorary Scorpio, living in the old 8th house, as I do, and with my Sun just moments away from Scorpio, but even those I know who have Scorpio stelliums in their charts were overwhelmed with the depth and intense transformational energies of that ongoing cauldron. It was like being severely waterlogged. And even though Mercury is still in Scorpio, it definitely feels as though we’re drying out at last.

The core issues that came up during the last two months are still being worked out. I have had health issues, family issues, emotional issues, money issues, website issues, issues with my children and my home. I feel certain you have similar experiences. Depending on where Scorpio falls in your birth chart, these issues revolved around that area of your consciousness. Though my issues may SEEM like core issues, (emotionally they are, of course), the 1 o’clock hour, (formerly the 8th house) is all about unconditional self-love. Taking down shields and defenses in order to allow your truest Self to be seen.

I experienced many ups and downs doing this… I was attacked with many unkind words form people who weren’t getting what they wanted from me, because I was looking after myself. My website was hacked and taken apart by unseen forces that were designed to attack me at some level. None of it hurt me in the end, though I am still repairing the damages, but that cauldron certainly showed me how strong I can be, and hopefully you learned where the gold in you is too.

This morning Mercury and Mars sextile each other, each at the end of the signs they are moving through. Mercury is at 28 Scorpio, and he will leave this sign tomorrow, after more than two months traveling through. Mars is at 28 Virgo, and he will leave this sign on Saturday, to enter Libra, where he will retrograde and spend the next nearly 8 months. This Mercury Mars sextile should bring a great deal of understanding and physical healing where there hasn’t been much recently. A sextile is always helpful.

When Mercury enters Sagittarius tomorrow the Christmas spirit should truly begin to make itself known. It’s been hard to get there recently. When Mars moves into Libra the cardinal cross that will dominate the next two seasons will be activated. I will talk a lot about this cross in the weeks to come. Interestingly, when Mars finally leaves Libra in August, Mercury will move in and retrograde over the same degrees Mars does.

You can’t make this stuff up.

“There is no such thing as chance; and what seem to us merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny.”

– Friedrich Schiller

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