• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Aquarius
  • Moon enters Pisces: 3:35am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 3:35am
  • Hidden 8:8 Star Gate

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It may have been hard to distinguish the change in vibration when Mars moved into Libra yesterday afternoon, because the Moon was void nearly all day, which may have taken the edge off the shift. It is an edgy shift, as Mars crosses the world axis and enters the cardinal sign where he will live for nearly all of 2014. As he takes up residence here, he sets off the energy of the cardinal cross that his presence brings to our lives. So let’s talk about this…

Like all the planets, Mars has taken on a lot of new meaning these past years. He rules the physical body, and very VERY interestingly rules the sign that delivers the consciousness of MENTAL POWER. As the ruler of the physical body, Mars automatically becomes a co-ruler of the divine feminine within us all. But Mars, as we all know, is profoundly masculine. He is that white dot in the black side of the yin yang symbol. This is very different from the original symbolism of Mars, as recently as the 60’s or 70’s. Mars was the partner, the lover, the significant other of Venus, ruler of the heart. It’s easy to see how this came to be in 3D, while we were in separation consciousness and needed to feel complete more than anything else.

But Mars IS within us all, and in 5D it is easy to realize that rather than being her partner, he coexists with Venus, ruler of the emotional Being. The physical and the emotional ARE the divine feminine, and none of us can have one without the other. Everything in life is both masculine and feminine, even the divine feminine (and the divine masculine).

So Mars rules Aries the sign of Mental Power, that is the higher Mind, and he has always provided us with our energy and drive, and our will to do and be what we are. He drives us physically, and as he takes up residence in Libra, sign of PHYSICAL POWER, and prepares for a long term stay in this part of our consciousness, we are in for a whole new perspective on what it means to be in physical form.

Aries is the sign of the awakened Self, Libra is the sign of the mirrored Self. Once we move fully into 5D, (past our fear based thinking), it will become easier and easier to see the awakened Self in the mirror of our relationships. This capacity depends on our ability to see our Selves as one with everything. There is nothing out there but our own reflection/projection, and the sooner we accept that the sooner we will Self-realize.

Mars used to have a tough time in Libra, because it was the sign OPPOSITE the one he rules. But opposition does not exist in 5D… only polarity does. Polarity implied the connection between the two extremes of one continuum. No matter where we are along that continuum, we understand that it is all one experience. So while Mars journeys through Libra and retrogrades there as well, we have the great opportunity to realize the mirrored self as the self once and for all.

How exciting is that?

“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you’ll see the way to fly.”

– Richard Bach

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