• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Gemini
  • Moon enters Cancer: 1:17pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 4:28am – 1:17pm
  • URANUS STATION: 12:39pm
  • FULL MOON (Moon opposing Sun): 4:28am
  • 25 Gemini 26
  • Hidden 8:8 Star Gate

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As the final full Moon of 2013 comes to fruition, it seems like the perfect time to begin reflecting on the past year and all that it has brought forth. It’s been a year of transformation and major expansion, alchemy and resurrection. Everything has changed, and we are all the wiser and stronger for it. I can’t help but remember that this time last year I was in the hospital on my death bed with sudden kidney failure and a very poor prognosis. I learned that I truly am a master healer this year, and I also learned that my health and well-being are the most important assets I have. Without them I have nothing.

I am sure you all feel the same way. If you don’t, please give this matter some serious focus. You are the Creator and the center of your universe. You must be radiating your Light and Love if you are going to find these reflected in your world. You must believe in you, to the exclusion of anyone and anything else. If you believe in you, the world knows who you are, If not, no one can.

I can honestly say that if I learned nothing else this year, it’s how to believe in my Self and what I have to offer. I hope you’re with me, because we are the ones who can now go forth and be the pioneers, the way showers for the rest of humanity. Spirituality and Conscious awareness are by far the most precious commodity in this planet at this time. This is the moment to step into the self-knowledge that we have what it takes to lead the way. What is a leader, after all, who does not know the way, or isn’t sure about it?

Today’s full Moon, at 4:28am EST, reflects a Sun Mercury conjunction. Both of these archetypes are approaching the Galactic Center, aka Source. Mercury is headed out of bounds and also presides over this Full Moon. While a Full Moon is emotional, Mercury moving through his main domain, Gemini, is a mental/social involvement. It is time to begin to bring back a true balance between feeling and thought. Mercury will retrograde in air signs throughout 2014, after retrograding in water signs for all of 2013. We know this past year has been one of newly unfettered emotional experience. The year ahead offers much of the same, only at the level of the higher Mind.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for 26 Gemini, the degree of today’s full Moon, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Gemini 26: A cave with carved walls. It is an ancient temple.

”Suspended worlds. Timeless reverie. Dwelling in an elsewhere place. Identified with a time apart from now. Navigating a vast network of subtle forces. Doing all of this on the sly, unofficially. Doing on the outside whatever is convenient. Playing to the inside in a subversive, unconscious sensing of a world apart.

Given carte blank to travel freely at will. Guided closely, unfailingly throughout the journey. An orchestration of power of a kind rarely glimpsed on the surface. Just knowing beyond knowing to let go into what one’s own outer mind looks away from and barely believes in really.

Remarkably gifted in a perfusion of directions. Almost all of these involve knowing one’s way around in a trance of soul remembrance and perhaps being able to bring such gifts to others and to outer life in verbal ways. When any of this does come to light, it is like touching upon lightly and just in the moment something which is profound and deep, strange and forbidding, multi-dimensional and beyond all reckoning.

To move with this frequency is a rare exquisite pleasure. It is most appealing to those who are greatly detached and dispassionate. From that cosmic vantage point, this really is a great wonder and awe of being released into those facets of earth and cosmos which mean everything to those who can forget themselves and remember totality.

In an ordinary sense, moving through this place is surpassingly strange. If you have anything to lose, you will lose it here. If you demand your own way in life, here you will find the necessity to strip and divest yourself of everything you hold to be important. Everything depends upon what is sought and what is held onto as illusion.

In an extraordinary view, this is simply the giving over of apparent goods for infinite reality. The outer is valued not at all. The invisible, intangible, these sides become every inch of existence.”

Wow. This is not simply a full Moon day. The Moon goes void at the Full Moon, emerging in Cancer at 1:17pm. But just before the void ends, Uranus stations and goes direct. This has the all-important effect of bringing on sudden shifts and changes, but they are never more than we can handle, and they are always designed to wake us up.

I will deal with Uranus’s station tomorrow, because he is so slow moving, he isn’t going anywhere just yet. Meanwhile, allow the surprises to come and enjoy them as they do.

“This force, which is the best thing in you, your highest self, will never respond to any ordinary half-hearted call, or any milk-and-water endeavor. It can only be reached by your supremest call, your supremest effort. It will respond only to the call that is backed up by the whole of you, not part of you; you must be all there in what you are trying to do. You must bring every particle of your energy, unanswerable resolution, your best efforts, your persistent industry to your task or the best will not come out of you. You must back up your ambition by your whole nature, by unbounded enthusiasm and a determination to win which knows no failure… Only a masterly call, a masterly will, a supreme effort, intense and persistent application, can unlock the door to your inner treasure and release your highest powers.”

– Orison Swett Marden

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