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The winter season promises to be unlike any other we’ve known, and this teleconference will include a look at the New Year’s chart for 2014 and all the New Year promises. You can read more about it and register here:
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**SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The weekly horoscopes will return next week, as my Christmas gift to all of you…

The Uranus station brought on some major revelations for so many of you… I want to share some of them here:

”Today came the realization that patriarchal dominance came into being when our minds separated our conscious connection to our soul, our spiritual source.
The major “ah-ha” in observing the world… Women/the feminine became relegated to/the surrogate for this severed internal connection through externally provided emotional and physical support generally for the masculine/male roles… and women were devalued for their contribution to life just as our connection to source was. Patriarchal dominance is the reflection/outpicturing of the belief in the human mind’s superiority to the divine intelligence of Love – heart/soul.”
Lucira Jane Nebelung

” I came to appreciate that our concept of “ascension” is really balance and integration of body, mind, heart, and soul; spirit and matter. Attachment to “ascension” perpetuates separation.” ALSO Lucira Jane Nebelung

” Know and see how your inner peace now prevails over what would seem to be a very dire set of financial circumstances. Understand that Enlightenment is demanding and that it demands that you be free from all external identifications – habitual, societal or inherited responses. It demands that your inner core Self, your Divine Self be the Source of your well-being, nothing less, nothing more.

Understand that you have been working towards this end (your omega pt.) for decades now. It is not something that could have happened overnight, not for prophets, sages, Buddha and Christ-ed Consciousnesses. That is in part the archetypal message of their stories: the demands of the path towards Self Realization are great but the light infused Consciousness meets every challenge with Herculean fortitude.” Brad Melamed

We are all awakening. This pivotal moment, as the Winter Solstice approaches, is very much a turning to face the Light of the Higher Self and a giant quantum leap into the new order, orchestrated and powered by our Faith. It is a multidimensional moment, occurring only in the NOW, yet stretching over a period of weeks, even months. It begs the question: Which world are you living in?

As we move toward the new ‘7’ year, 2014, the esoteric, the spiritual meaning becomes a most important ingredient to our continued peaceful existence. The world we live in is more clearly recognizable for its duality than ever, because we are more conscious of it than ever. We are literally living in two worlds. The 3D world is falling apart, crumbling because it was created out of fear based energies, and those are not meant to be long lived. The dimensions beyond this separation consciousness, however, are marked by the unity and joyful resonance that is eternal.

Eternal means it is always there, and it always has been. Just because we don’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there. There are many reasons why we may not see something. We may be looking in the wrong direction, but then that is only possible when in separation mode, isn’t that right? From the observer’s perch there is very little that can’t be seen. We may not be ready to open our minds enough to think outside the box, let alone to realize there never was a box at all. But that too requires a 3D consciousness. Achieving a 5D consciousness requires an open mind and a willingness to perceive both the positive and the negative, and to Know they are one and the same.

The world of separation is about to crumble. There will be changes, but these won’t affect us if we are attuned to the higher energies. Trust your guidance and follow it. Have Faith in the perfection of the higher plan. Trust your Self to do whatever your higher Self prompts you to do. Stop resisting, second guessing, and worst of all, projecting an unknown definition onto this completely limitless blank slate.

The new world is about to open to any of us who are ready to conceive it. That’s right. The new world is not about perception, it’s about conception and ultimately creation.

The Sun crosses the Galactic Center today and we are connected to the highest energies we carry. We are one with Source in consciousness today. Of course, if you are focused on all that you do not have, you won’t have the chance to recognize how far you’ve come. Choose Love. Go with the belief that it’s all exactly as it should be, because it can’t be anything else. During the next few days as the Sun crosses the world axis followed by Mercury, and Venus stations to go retrograde, mind and heart undergo a major realignment and eventually come together in ways we can’t yet Know of.

Don’t try. Let it happen. Watch it unfold. Allow your Self the experience and tell yourself that once you have that moment you will Know what you don’t Know now. In 5D, allowing your Self an experience is the only way to Know anything.

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein

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