• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Leo: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • VENUS STATION: 4:53pm
  • VENUS TURNS RETROGRADE: 29 Capricorn 59
  • Hidden 3:3 Star Gate


The winter season promises to be unlike any other we’ve known, and this teleconference will include a look at the New Year’s chart for 2014 and all the New Year promises. You can read more about it and register here:
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUMANITY! According to the new Cosmic Consciousness system, the clock begins again at the Winter Solstice. We begin a new cycle, and of course, as the Sun crosses the 0 Capricorn point, he activates, or lights up, the world axis. Everyone feels this new beginning today. And it’s a very big day, with plenty of portents of what’s to come.

Capricorn is ruled by (that is, disposed by) Saturn, and Saturn is in Scorpio, presiding over the recent alchemy that affected each and every one of us. Saturn and Pluto are in a mutual reception, which means, among other things, that the alchemy is producing a rebirth in many of us, and a resurrection for some. This process is both occurring in time and has already happened, and those of us going through it are well aware of that Truth.

The Saturn Pluto mutual reception is a major theme of the year, as it was last year, though the alchemy part is over now, and we can step freely into the new beginning now, if we have rid our Selves of the fear based gravity that has held us back for so long.

To that end, Venus stations to go retrograde today, at the very last (29th) degree of Capricorn. This 40 day retrograde journey should provide just the space we need to realign with our newly expanded and upgraded heart centers. Before Venus stations at 4:53pm EST, she forms an energetic conjunction (a parallel) with Pluto, exactly two hours earlier. This conscious conjunction (meaning it occurs at the higher level of our consciousness) is pointing to the great significance of the Venus Pluto conjunction that occurred mid-November (while the cauldron was bubbling away), and the very near conjunction Venus will make with Pluto again when she goes direct at 12 Capricorn on January 31.

This Venus Pluto activity is so significant, when we consider the fact that Pluto, in his new incarnation as Gatekeeper to the new consciousness, is playing a very active role in the manifestation and empowerment process of the Divine Feminine on the planet. That means this major Venus Pluto dance is it. This is where the Divine Mother merges with Mother Earth, takes root to birth the Christ Consciousness in the physical world.

That Venus conjoined with Saturn in Scorpio on September 21 to birth the Scorpio cauldron is no coincidence. It’s all part of the grander design. With Venus retrograding at the master degree of Capricorn, sign of spiritual power and sovereignty, there is no denying that this is the moment when we step up into the higher realm to create the new world.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for 29 Capricorn, reprinted with his permission from his book .

Capricorn 29: An architect carefully surveying old ruins.

”He sees something. He witnesses how what once was great becomes lost over time. And when he goes into it, as he must, he realizes that there was something inherent in the greatness that was flawed. He then gives himself the task of tracking down the flaws, of obsessing upon what went wrong, and of seeking to teach himself and others, the lessons involved in the greatness that goes for a tumble and loses its glory.

This study, this research, this investigation cuts close to the bone. Just about everything is implicated, just about everybody is part of the syndrome. The further you look, the greater the evidence that falsehood, corruption, distortion of every kind is at the crux point of what has made the world such a mess. And it is very hard to believe in anything else when you fill your screen of awareness with doubts and proofs that doubt is and the only reasonable attitude.

Then the path becomes to begin to find an integration after empowering consciousness to take charge. This is quite a challenge. He must find proof that there is something worth championing in this world which can endure and can stand up to inspection.

Sadly, if you impose skepticism upon what is being observed, you skew your experiment to render it very hard to generate sufficient space to foster that which can reveal a whole different side to life. The only way the skeptical mind set can outwit itself in this tight is if a vision is uncovered, a lost track retraced, an ancient hunch restored to the light of day. Then the one who has gone so far into the modern vantage point may be propelled beyond it, in order to see the scope and magnitude of what is really here when you strip yourself of all negative assumption whatsoever. “

“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.”
– Seneca

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