• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Scorpio
  • Moon enters Sagittarius: 12:38pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 6:02am – 12:38pm
  • Hidden 2:2 Star Gate


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Yesterday was a simple uncomplicated day, especially when you compare it to today. This Sunday contains many aspects, a 3 and a half hour void Moon and two very important Mercury aspects. These two aspects are taking us thoroughly into the cardinal T-square (ultimately Grand Cross) that activated when Mars opposed Uranus on Christmas day. (Actually, Venus opposed Jupiter a couple of weeks ago, and that was the true beginning of this planetary picture, which will take us through most of 2014…) We can thank our lucky stars for that Venus/Jupiter aspect, which is now out of the T-Square loop, but will also become a major part of the cross in a few weeks. To begin and end with Venus Jupiter is a blessing, to say the least.

So we all know that we are in a majorly important heart expansion, which certainly describes the bigger picture of the year ahead. But all attention must turn to the Cardinal T-Square that marks the week ahead in a very big way. The T-Square is defined by the New Moon conjunct Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn squaring Mars and Uranus. That Mercury leads us into this T-Square is of major import.

First things first, Mercury connects with the Sun early this morning (EST), to take the lead in this major square dance that is featured for the next week or so. The Sun Mercury conjunction informs us of anything and everything we are ready to understand. Mercury is still out of bounds, so he informs from a higher consciousness. If we can find the stillness that allows us to receive the information available, we will certainly be that much wiser for it.

The Moon will move into Sagittarius mid-day, and then Mercury will square Uranus. Sagittarius is Jupiter’s sign, and so Jupiter is energetically brought into this mix, and as mentioned, he will bring up the rear of this cross later in the season. You can’t make this stuff up. Jupiter is an important player in all of this, and he isn’t going to be left out.

The Mercury Uranus square always amplifies the possibility of revelations, and miracles abound when we are open to them. This square comes on the heels of the Mars Uranus polarity that took place Christmas day. If you’ve become intimate with your new job as Light Bearer in the world, (I refer to the newest level> of that job), this Mercury Uranus aspect will take you that much further into the self-realization process.

The Sun follows right behind Mercury with a square to Uranus and then Mars, and Mercury and Mars are about to square each other as well. This makes a lot of room for inner adjustment to the new parameters of the higher Self. If you refuse to focus on any drama that is playing out in the world ‘out there’, all the miracles of the season and then some are available to you.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for 8 Capricorn, the degree of today’s Sun Mercury conjunction. This passage is reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Capricorn 8: A snake charmer.

”Dangerous skills. Pushing the edge. Being able to accomplish the impossible, to unite the miraculous, and to commit extreme errors. Almost superhuman endurance, facility, intelligence, and external skills. The performer who is able to become an instrument of pure light, or who can take their own path to find amplification and proof that this separative self is great and authoritative and needs nothing beyond.

A tortuous path of light and darkness. Such a potent brew of transcendence and self-inflation. A destiny that seeks the ultimate. Such a presence, a charisma. The stature of one who is still as they always were before.

A certain rapt fascination with patterns of self-destruction. An equally intensive search for ultimate truth and liberation. And meanwhile, such a demonstration of raw capacity to make the energies move, to bring consciousness to bear, and to do whatever is needed with finesse and self command.

If the opportunity is grasped, a path lies open which is beyond all previous experience. Along this projectile of intent is met the test, the trial, the initiation so long sought. We meet the Dweller on the Threshold. We face the cumulative impact of every false direction we’ve ever taken. And we can move through our own shadows, even as we learn to respect and bow before their necessity, their wisdom, their self-revelations.

A very advanced and evolved frequency. Almost too hot to the touch. The interior quest lies in becoming unhooked from every kind of picture we’ve ever held inside. It’s the time to tap the void and pierce through.”

“You are not your mind, your emotions or the circumstances of your life. You are the peaceful observer of your mind and emotions that allows life circumstances to pass through and around you for your evolution to finally come to a place of total acceptance of all that is. Only the peaceful observer remains after all else fades away. Only the peaceful observer in total acceptance of what is can take action towards effectively changing anything. You are only this peaceful observer – everything else is as fleeting as the blink of an eye, choose happiness and don’t buy into it.”

– Jackson Kiddard,

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