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This is going to turn out to be a very important day in the scheme of things, because after months of realigning themselves with each other (some would say years, and others could make an argument for lifetimes), Venus and Mercury are going to effectively ’switch places’ with each other in 3D and 5D, in a multifaceted super conjunction that began on December 12th when the rulers of heart and mind formed an energetic parallel just at the outer edge of the ecliptic.

At that time, Venus was just coming back into the realm of our more earthly consciousness after 5 or 6 weeks out of bounds, and Mercury was just headed out. He returned to the ecliptic early this morning. And while these two conjoined etherically (by parallel) as Venus was leaving her out of bounds journey, they conjoin by astrological degree today, while Mercury is coming back in. There MUST be something very significant about this planetary dance.

Mercury is the ruler of the mind and Venus the ruler of the heart. In 5D consciousness, the mind is the home of the Divine Masculine, and the heart is the Feminine domain. Until very recently, Venus and Mars were thought to be the masculine/feminine rulers, but upon closer inspection we have learned that isn’t exactly the truth. Venus and Mars, rulers of heart (emotion) and physical are actually the co rulers of the divine feminine, and we have had their “relationship” all wrong for so long.

The true Male/Female dance belongs to Mercury and Venus, and it is just getting started. This new perspective on a very old connection needs alignment and adjustment on our part, and this conjunction today marks the shift into that process. What has gripped us mentally in the recent weeks becomes more heart-centered now. The past has only come back up to remind us of how far we’ve come. It is time to allow the heart to lead us into action, and make the lower mind subservient to the higher Self. Loving thoughts and thinking with the heart are the new requirements.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for the degree of today’s Mercury Venus event, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Capricorn 24: Stalactites and Stalagmites almost grown together.

”Earth existence is the fusion of the above and the below. When what swells above, in the heaven realms, can be brought into resonance with what is already here below, inside this Earth, a very intensive process begins to do its work. And this will carry forward relentlessly and with no reference at all to secondary consideration.

At the core of this working, a cosmic power is being brought through. This is sensed as being vitally needed in the world below. And its structural integrity is so massive that it is very hard to translate into a form that other human beings can assimilate.

Nonetheless, its dynamic propulsion is of an overwhelming destiny kind. The sensation here is that the whole Earth is going through radical changes and somebody has to be there in the spot to witness and behold, and to draw the lessons and meanings into a common currency.

A shadow aspect looms large here. Past karmas reverberate. There is a sense that this has happened before and nobody ever responded appropriately. So there can be righteousness, over-identification, inflation. Because this needs to be clear and true and devoid of such loading energies, for the Earth to speak and be served.

The great bulk of this energy is hidden, is unknown, is out of view. This makes it more potent and decisive. But it also makes tremendous demands upon the one who carries and bears this impulse.

You just have to be stripping yourself away, surrendering your pictures, viewing everything afresh. Yet the baggage is ancient and empirical. So there will be fatal flaws manifesting. There are times when great truths are revealed through strange cracked vessels.”

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.”

– Wayne Dyer

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