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For some reason it is profoundly clear to me that the repolarization of the inner male/female has begun, and begun in earnest. I took 27 years, from the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 till now to reclaim, reinstate and fully realize the divine feminine that had been absent for eons, (except as a concept in our minds). It took that celestial event to deliver her back to the planet, and it took quite a while from the date of that event to understand just what it had made manifest. With time a completely different entity these days, it’s hard to say how long it will take for the divine masculine to (re)establish itself and find its balance with the feminine.

Because I am so convinced that this is what is happening even though it’s way too soon to tell, I’ve been looking around for hints. They are everywhere. Let’s start with the polar vortex that has taken the entire United States into its very frozen clutches. “Polar Vortex” is not a term I have ever heard before. I am sure it existed, and some scientists must have been aware of it, but it’s not a term we are familiar with, any more than ‘solar pole flip’. Both of these phenomena are gracing our planet right now. Scientists are talking about them as though they are natural occurrences that happen all the time. Whatever they are, they are very VERY masculine energies that are creating major change on the planet.

And these events are the collective expression of everything else that is taking place. The older patriarchal male paradigm that has ruled life on earth for so long is breaking up and disappearing. This is not the end of male energy, not by a long shot. Hopefully, with all the conscious growth we’ve undertaken, the male energy will reinvent itself along higher, much more divine lines.

During the past two years the oceans have gone through very profound changes, producing many different water events, (some overwhelming) that have begun to change the world from the inside out. Hurricanes, typhoons, and polar vortexes are more atmospheric and ‘air’ oriented phenomena and thus are male in their essence. This polar vortex is ALSO an overwhelming phenomenon that is creating major change. It’s not clear yet, because we’re in the middle of it (or maybe just the very beginning of it). These, and whatever else is in store for us from here, together with the solar flip, are performing their earth changes from the outside in.

Inside out, Female…Outside in, Male.

From our 5D perspective, it is vital to remember that everything is perfect, all the time, no matter what we think of it. Letting it all unfold, standing by and holding the space of Light and Love is all we are asked to do. We ask this of our Selves, and we offer it of our Selves. These are tumultuous times on the planet. That is precisely why we are here.

”The heart will continually remind you of your power to BE LOVE, to choose LOVE…by refusing to allow you to fall into negativity or fear. The heart is also your gateway to Home, and as such, is the only intelligence that can override a fear…with LOVE.”
Pleiadian High Council, in Causal to Conscious Creation™
through Lauren Gorgo

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