• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Gemini
  • Moon enters Cancer: 7:25pm
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 7:25pm

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We head into an important turning point of a week that is filled with bridges and the various roads they open us up to. This day begins inside a void that will last from Midnight until 7:25pm EST, when the Moon enters Cancer. A void Gemini Moon is hard to handle, unless we take the opportunity to connect with the stillness within. When we do, the very busy Gemini energy becomes much more magical and spontaneity is easily available to us. Being open and ready for anything is what makes Gemini’s tendency toward diversity so magical.

The turning point this week occurs at the full Moon in Cancer late Wednesday night (EST). Once that lunation occurs, the Sun moves into Aquarius and joins Mercury and a whole new story line activates. But let’s not get ahead of our Selves, because after all, a new story is nothing if we don’t take care to complete the one we’re in with presence and integrity. Getting ahead of our Selves is pretty much the same thing as anxiety, which never serves us in a productive way, at least not in the moment.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the new concept of bridges, and I am not ashamed to say I am in love with the concept. What I am realizing is that EVERY opposition is a polarity that offers a bridge between the two planets (archetypes) involved, and that means that every Full Moon offers us a bridge too, between the male/female within. When we perceive it this way, the Full Moon takes on a whole new dimension, doesn’t it? We have typically thought of a Full Moon as a blossoming, a completion of a growth process. But what if it is also the opening up of all that the growth process has produced, so that we can travel its essence and attain a new sense of unity while the Moon is Full, reaching a new level of inner balance and therefore consciousness as a result?

It makes sense to me that the Full Moon contains so much more dimensionality than we previously thought. These are the co-rulers of the spiritual body, as the main representatives of the cosmos. The Sun and the Moon are the generators of our consciousness. Without them none of us would be here on this planet at all. Each time we reach a new plateau of conscious awareness, another “reality” opens up to us. These realities have been there all along, and what is so exciting is the newfound capacity to perceive them.

There are many bridges open to us right now… Mars/Uranus and Venus/Jupiter to name two of them. Mars/Uranus is the bridge between the physical self and the higher Self, and Venus/Jupiter is the newly expanded heart an all the consciousness it bestows. These bridges are open for a while, while the Sun/Moon bridge is only open for a couple of hours each month.

If you created a vision board at the last New Moon, you might want to take a look around during the Full Moon and see how much your bridge has brought to fruition. Vision and Manifestation are very intimately related. The Vision board is a very important practice this year, as it helps us to create the new world as we go. I will discuss the focus of each vision board this year around the new Moons, so please stay tuned.

” When I didn’t resist I could see the world.”
Pema Chodron

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