• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Cancer: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No

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It seems the lower body rulers, Mercury Venus and Mars, are all dancing with each other in very spirited fashion, in what must be preparation for the serial retrograde alignment process that’s in store for each of us this winter (and in Mar’s case, into the spring). We all are aware that Venus is retrograde right now, until January 31st. Mars is passing through his retrograde shadow, (he turns retrograde on March 1), and Mercury enters his retrograde shadow on January 22nd, going retrograde on February 6th.

All these retrogrades come very very close to overlapping each other, but they actually don’t ever do so. It’s truly one after the other. By the time Mars goes direct (May 20th), Mercury is already in his NEXT retrograde shadow, going retrograde again on June 6th. When a planet goes retrograde, at the level of 5D consciousness, it moves clockwise around the chart, and that has a very significant purpose, for those of us on the Path..

A planet moving clockwise is reflecting energy that allows us to move toward Source. All movement is on a spiral, and it goes clockwise, up, toward Source, or counter-clockwise, down, toward earth and physicality. This is the vertical axis of the birth chart, though we never looked at it that way before. It represents the bridge that takes us from the heart (the new root chakra) to the crown, energetically. That movement has to be in spiral fashion, in order for it to create the right space for itself.

The directions we perceive here in 3D are illusions. We made them up so we could make sense out of a world we created without full realization. Time and space can seem very vast when we are believing we know where we’re headed. It turns out there is nowhere to go, no place to be but right here, centered in the heart. When the heart is wide open, it moves us in clockwise fashion, toward Love.

When the planets go retrograde, they reflect our capacity to move toward Love more fully. The outer planets, reflecting the higher Self, are retrograde for nearly half of every year. Makes sense, doesn’t it? though it wasn’t obvious till we were able to rise up above the illusion that all is separate. When the inner planets go retrograde, so much more rarely, we have a real chance to connect with the higher Self from within. This was probably always true, but like everything else, nothing new happens without the consciousness needed to accompany it.

So here we are, newly centered in our much more expanded consciousness, ready to take on these inner planet retrogrades. Venus is offering all of us the chance to go over some love related theme in our lives. .. Don’t get involved with the drama that presents itself, just watch the movie and be sure to check in with your heart so you know where you’re at in any given moment. There is no other moment that matters other than this one. If you Know where you are (in your heart of hearts), your heart will know where to go, or more appropriately, what to receive.

“The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety.”

– Goethe

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