• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Cancer
  • Moon enters Leo: 8:01am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 8:01am
  • 7:7 Star Gate

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The Moon enters Leo at around 8am EST, after an 8 hour void that was triggered by the Full Moon last night. I personally was feeling as though the Moon was void all day long yesterday, though that couldn’t be further from the truth. I kept attributing my inability to get going on anything to the full Moon itself, but it just plain felt more like a day to go within and stay within. Though the Full Moon has not taken place yet (as I write this), it’s likely it will be a powerful night, either dream wise or in night school. Voids that are fueled by Full Moons are unlike anything else.

I was aware of the desire to get so many things done yesterday, and though I couldn’t seem to get to most of them, I wasn’t bothered by it either. That’s the sort of energy the Full Moon generated void produces. Hopefully you keep a pad and pencil, or your smart phone right near your bed, so you can record your experiences as you wake from them.

Today is a vibrant day. The Leo Moon renews our energies, and there are only two aspects today, a Mercury Pluto parallel and a Venus Mars square. Both of these occur in the earlier part of the day, leaving us with an entire second half of the day to reverberate with these very dynamic connections.

Mercury Pluto connections deepen our thoughts, so much so that they are often transformed completely under these vibrations. Keep your focus on the higher perspective – that is, remain seated in the observer’s perch – for best results today. Getting caught up in drama can cause much more difficult experiences, like obsession, or communication that is too intense. Without a heart centered approach, Mercury Pluto can cause us to say words we can’t take back, even if we would like to.

But the higher perspective produces thoughts that are completely new and profoundly empowered. Pluto is preparing to receive the retrograde Venus in a couple of weeks, and this Mercury Pluto parallel (energetic, or conscious conjunction), can go a long way to help us prep for that all important meeting.

And speaking of the all important Venus Pluto meeting, the Venus Mars square today is MOST significant in the bigger scheme of things as well. Venus is backing right into the cardinal cross that dominates the entire winter and spring seasons, and she is also preparing us at the heart level to align in brand new ways with Mars (the body) and Mercury (the mind). When Venus goes direct on January 31 she will take a few weeks to recover her shadow and deliver us directly to the Mars station on March 1.

What happens today, under the Venus Mars square, will bear great relevance to the events of the first week of March. Remember that a square no longer needs to play out as a conflict… at all. It IS always a critical (read: important) turning point, and today is no exception. Watch relationships and your reactions to them for the signals as to what this giant stepping stone of an aspect offers you. Remember that all relationship is your mirror, and work with your own inner belief system if you find anything that needs changing.

The only way to change anything in your world is to change your Self.

“If you are not intensely dedicated
to a high ideal,
then comfort becomes your goal by default
and every difficulty becomes a crisis.”

by Ivan M. Granger

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