• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Pisces
  • Moon enters Aries: 11:55pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 11:35am – 11:55pm
  • 2:2 Star Gate
  • Hidden 2:2 Star Gate

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It’s February 2nd, featuring two 2:2 Star Gates, which bring brand new information about our relationships and the mirrored self. Venus is newly direct, and very slowly picking up speed, after she came powerfully close to Pluto in her station. Big changes are afoot at the heart level, but they are not new, they are hard won and long awaited. The day begins with a Sun Venus semisextile, which can go a long way toward shedding some light on the subject of the newly resurrected heart chakra and all that it entails.

It will take Venus all of February and the first few days of March to recover her shadow, which means it won’t be until then that we will feel we have fully integrated the upgrade we are going through. Mercury will go through an entire retrograde before Venus completes her shadow journey, and both Mercury and Venus will be in their respective direct shadows when Mars goes retrograde on March 1. The Mind/Heart/Body recalibration with the higher Self is well under way.

The Moon is in Pisces today, and when she trines Saturn at 11:35am EST she goes into a 12 hour void, emerging in Aries at 11:55pm. That means we are spending much of this day inside the Piscean void Moon, and the limitless field that we have come to know so well. Last year this realm felt so alien and hard to fathom. This time around it’s more like a second home. The comfort being generated by this visit to the land of endless possibilities is so welcome after the year of stress and strain we have just come out of.

Not to diminish the stress and strain, it led to great change and important new inner places. Without the ‘tough’ year, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate this much ‘easier’ stretch. We’re working though, and working every bit as diligently as ever to assimilate the parts of our being so that the Oneness we are can be just as much appreciated.

This weekend we are in the Venus/Mercury switch. Venus and Mercury, if you’ll recall, have been working together for many months to produce this pivotal moment. Remember Venus traveling out of bounds for more than a month and then Mercury heading out just as she returned to the ecliptic? So much important information was exchanged then at the higher levels of our consciousness. And today, during this 2:2 Star Gate and this hidden 2:2 Star Gate, we can gain some very real understanding and much more consciousness about this mind/heart connection.

For the moment, it’s why we’re here. It’s all that matters. Look into the mirror of your relationships today and see if you can’t catch a great glimpse of your new Self. It’s there, without a doubt. What you experience now is pointing right to it. Let it in, and it will move you in the direction of your dreams.

“Worldly riches have been feared, despised, condemned, and even hated by spiritual aspirants, because of ignorance of how to be in them and yet not of them, how to possess them and not be possessed by them. Doubtless this attitude of repudiating and ignoring wealth is less deceiving than the other error; greed and the worship of money and the fear of losing riches. But the really wise avoid both attitudes through knowing worldly wealth to be but a reflection of the real, the spiritual riches that must be sought first, last and always. Having found the riches of heaven, you cannot escape the riches of earth unless you purposefully repudiate them.”

– Annie Rix Militz

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