• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Taurus
  • Moon enters Gemini: 1:45pm
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 1:45pm
  • 7:7 Star Gate
  • Hidden 7:7 Star Gate

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Mercury went retrograde yesterday and it turns out this “storm” period had some very serious impact for some. The good news is the Moon is void today till 1:45pm EST, which will provide some respite. When she enters Gemini though, we will feel the retrograde powerfully, and all that will have to be redone, revisited, and revised while Mercury retrogrades for the next three weeks will become apparent. This is the result of the Mercury Neptune fly by that blindsided some of us. But fear not, Mercury Neptune aspects always bring crystal clarity in the end, particularly when we apply a conscious effort.

For some this storm was physical, for others emotional, and still others mental. Don’t underestimate the importance of the message that was delivered in that storm. When huge, overwhelming energies overtake us, it is very difficult to remain objective enough to decipher what is happening. Just allow it to unfold completely and the truth will be shown to you. Mercury Neptune aspects deliver the truth, especially when it comes wrapped in a shrouded reality.

I personally noticed quite a few people experience a distinct turnaround yesterday. Some hit an emotional wall, and others were hit by an apparent act of nature. I personally experienced a very calming effect after a few days of difficult butting horns with the government (and getting nowhere but to the surrender point). When we can all understand that whether it’s coming from within or without, it’s the Self delivering the self a message, then and only then will we understand that we are creating the world as we go.

Also, the surrender point appears to be the place we truly want to get to, since it does deliver us back to peace and serenity. I observed that no matter what happened to a person yesterday, they had the choice about how to approach their circumstances, even in a devastating snow storm that did serious property damage. The more we surrender to what is, the more swiftly we are delivered to joy. What’s going on in the world is just drama. If we lose things, even if we lose people we love, it isn’t real. Death is not a real thing. It’s a label we have given to the physical transition, and we have not fully understood that transition all this time, though we are beginning to.

Let’s not forget as we go through this Mercury retrograde cycle, that this time around we are closer than ever to the chance to see through all the illusion to the Truth (Mercury Neptune in Pisces). It may take a few weeks, but it doesn’t have to. We always have the choice to surrender to what is because we understand that it’s all perfect. If we can do this in the face of what might just be our greatest fear, we will have conquered the ego at its own very long lived game.

I believe that’s why we’re here. To triumph over the ego’s delusional perspective and reclaim our sovereignty. When we get to the Mars station on March 1, just after Mercury goes direct, the ruler of the physical will go retrograde just as the North Node approaches. So to recap: Venus went direct ‘almost’ conjunct Plut0, Mercury went retrograde ‘almost’ conjunct Neptune, and Mars will go retrograde ‘almost’ conjunct the North Node. These are huge energies that define the personal planet’s journey. That these three events are all happening one after the other with some of the largest forces involved is no coincidence.

It just gets better and better, not to mention much MUCH clearer.

”This is not your average year of growth, of transformation. This is a year of profound physical change, of resurrection, of restructuring your humanity. This will begin with you, the awakened Ones. It will be both a time of resurrecting your physical flesh as well as the resurrection of your physical life.
What you see around you will become a reflection OF you. To that we say, be astute to what you find in your outer world this year.”

The Pleiadian High Council (through Lauren Gorgo)

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