• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Cancer
  • Moon enters Leo: 2:17pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 5:53am – 2:17pm
  • Hidden 3:3 Star Gate

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Mercury has been in Pisces for about two weeks, going retrograde while he was on his way to meet up with Neptune just 5 days ago. Five days! It seems like Mercury’s been retrograde a lot longer than that, doesn’t it? With Neptune’s involvement in this retrograde station, we have been feeling the incredible, nearly unfathomable depth of our emotional core, and all the core issues that we have been somewhat unconsciously grappling with all our lives are up for review.

This Mercury cycle is unlike any other, because we are in the new world now, and because he is the middle part of a three part realignment of the lower self with the newly expanded higher Self. We have worked very hard to get here. It has been a majorly uphill journey, and now that we have arrived at the top of the mountain, we will need to dip way down into our core to embrace the emotional issues that have caused us to create our old world out of fear based reaction.

At this moment, which seems tough, but isn’t nearly as intense as what we went through last year, we are meant to open our hearts to our Selves, in ways we have not been able to do before, so that we can have the full on experience of the core issues we embody, and in doing so be released from them. This is that moment of liberation and freedom from the old structures. Yes, this is it.

You already know that everything is new, even if older situations are rearing their heads. You know how to look fear in the eye, call it by its name, and choose Love. That is, choose to open your heart and embrace what you once thought of as your nemesis. It might be a person, a feeling, a job, your home, or your material situation. NONE OF THAT IS REAL. The only thing that matters is your reaction to the movie you’re producing.

BE LOVE. ALLOW the Loving response. Forget your ego’s arguments, FORGET THEM- and allow your Self the miracle that always comes when you replace fear with Love. Love makes the correction that is most essential in any situation, and releases everyone from the prison that fear creates.

Mercury moves back into Aquarius tonight at 10:30pm EST. That means the energy of inundation from the wave created by going into our emotional depths is going to let up tonight. The Lightning Bolt that lights up the ocean and changes it completely will replace the feeling of helplessness produced by the enormity of this wave of ancient feeling.

Let it come and don’t be afraid of it. There is nothing to fear in this new world. If you insist there is, you are still in the old one. All you have to do to get to the higher plane is say yes to it. It is truly that simple, and every one of us can do it.

“Trials are but lessons that you failed to learn, presented once again. So, where you made a faulty choice before, you can now make a better one, and thus escape all pain that what you chose before has brought to you.”

– A Course In Miracles

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