• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Leo: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 10:14pm - Midnight
  • FULL MOON (Moon opposing Sun): 6:54pm
  • 26 Leo 13
  • Hidden 5:5 Star Gate

FEB 14:

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Valentine’s Day takes on a whole new meaning in 5D, doesn’t it? For one thing, it puts us all in the Love vibration, and it’s hard to ignore it with pink and red hearts flashing everywhere. The heart is such a powerful symbol, and today is the day we acknowledge and honor it. Venus is just completing her retrograde cycle, and the Divine Heart is newly realigned and awaiting the arrival of the Divine Mind and ultimately the Divine Body. This process is taking place as we speak, and tonight’s Full Moon is certainly going to add to the experience.

This Leo Full Moon is a huge one tonight. What is Leo but the place within each of us where the conscious choice to perceive the positive in everything translates into your capacity to Shine. This is creativity at its best, being ready and willing to choose to perceive the abundance that is inherent in everything instead of the lack. Practice this today, at all costs, despite any gravitational pull to the other side of this decision. It’s not about EFFORT, it’s about willingness and courage.

Mercury, ruling the Mind, is on his way to a conjunction with the Sun, which will be partile (exact) tomorrow. When the retrograde Mercury conjoins with the Sun, which he does EVERY time he is retrograde, it marks the midpoint of the backwards journey. The Sun always adds an element of consciousness, aka Light, and we can expect to gain some major understanding by tomorrow night, despite the intensive soak in the limitless pool we’ve been in (until Mercury backed into Aquarius yesterday). We are breathing air again, and it is palpable.

This Full Moon is also square Saturn, which mean, simply put, it is time to walk your talk. You understand what this whole journey is, now it’s time to live it. Because we have collectively reached this vital moment in time, there can be no more excuses. Live it or learn it all over again. How many times d you want to go around before you put a stop to it? No one else can do that for you… it has to be a choice, and a conscious one at that.

Every time we experience a Full Moon now, it is a new bridge opening up to us that was not possible to traverse before. This is because we are in the new order. The Leo Aquarius Bridge is all about valuing your Self, being unconditional in your Love for your Self and making the conscious choice to utilize your energies to energize (light up) the positivity that is always available to you. It doesn’t matter where you are on this bridge… only that you become fully aware that you are somewhere on it. If you perceive the two ends of this spectrum, then none of it can be unavailable to you.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for 27 Leo, the degree of the Full Moon, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Leo 27: A beaded curtain.

”When we are alive in a physical body in time and space, there is surrounding us a permeable membrane of living Spirit. As we gaze into the world that is revealed through the membrane, across the threshold, we find ourselves at one with creation. We feel surging through us the power of eternal life. And we stay on that edge forever.

To be in touch and in tune with the subtle interior domains while remaining present and embodied in outer Earth is to live a dual existence. For we learn that we cannot serve optimally the physical material world unless we can become like unto it in most circumstances. Yet we even more potently come to realize that we must stay aligned with the Living Spirit to be ourselves at all.

The dance of destiny here is to bear with invisible grace and subtle charm the invisible worlds, the ultimate places, and to treat this lightly, yet stay with them, even as we seem to become absorbed in outward manifestation. And there is one trick to it, one special knack which is hard to master, elusive enigmatic, baffling.

We need our heart to be blazingly open even if this seems too tortuous an ordeal. For our heart is the threshold region, the keeper of the mysteries. We can pretend to be cool and aloof. Yet inside this heart, we need to exchange life and death, each and every polarity, with every other. We must have the breath, the rhythm, the pulse of multi-worlds coming together all through us. This is what makes a huge difference. And to get there is a deep journey, one where surrender is just the beginning and there is no place to rest.”

”The Divine Fire (Source) must infuse the individual spark (Higher Self) with the Light it needs to blaze with the intensity of all that is. We call this the Yin Yang, and each of us must come to that balance.”
Derek O’Neill (paraphrased)

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