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The retrograde Mercury, moving clockwise as all retrograde planets do, is providing us with much really important information, if we’re focused on the higher Self. After that Full Moon with Mercury in tow, plenty of understanding about the Self and our higher purpose has come to Light. It’s vital to remember, though, that while Mercury retrogrades, he is charged with taking us back over territory that still needs redefining. But if we take it on from the higher perspective, not an iota of importance will be lost. Trust in trust.

Mercury is bury this week, as he was during the last week of January, making those same aspects he made then, for the second of three times during his retrograde journey. The last set of connections will occur mid March. These connections define the current mission of Mercury’s retrograde journey. Today Mercury trines Mars and he did so the first time on January 23. Mercury Mars aspects refer to mind/body connections. The trine, of course, is an easy energetic. Many of us would say right here that the mind/body connection is not so easy for us. Well, it isn’t easy for any human, but it is getting easier, and if you’ll take the time to look at your own personal connection between these two lower bodies, you’ll find that it has become easier to manage, just in the last 3 weeks alone.

Mercury is retrograde, so he has to still turn around and help it all make sense, but Mars is preparing to go retrograde on March 1, so the final Mercury Mars trine will feature a retrograde Mars. It’s helpful to remember that all the rulers of the lower body systems, Venus, Mercury and Mars are undertaking retrograde journeys one after the other, with their shadow cycles completely overlapping, to bring about a great realignment of the lower self with the higher Self.

Mercury will station to go direct February 27, and Mars will station to go retrograde on March 1. This set of connections will go a very long way toward helping us to find the appropriate mind/body alignment for each of us personally. On a grander level, this alignment is taking place collectively as well.

The middle of March will prove to be a real turning point in this realignment process, though as always, we will be waiting on the physical piece to complete. That won’t happen till July, when everything, and I mean everything is renewed and begins again.

The week ahead promises to bring us closer to that newness, while everything happens one step at a time. Little by little. One quantum leap, already completed a long long time ago, is for us just beginning to accelerate into a different reality.

“Do you know what people who amass wealth, friends, and laughter have in common with those who don’t?
Very often, both look around at their lives and say, “Yeah, this is who I am. It must have been meant to be.”

Must be a trick of the light. Nothing is meant to be.
The Universe (Mike Dooley) www.tut.com

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