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FEB 21:


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When Venus went direct at the end of January she was very close to a conjunction with Pluto. When Mercury went retrograde on January 31, he did so very close to a conjunction with Neptune. And Mars, preparing to go retrograde himself, (on March 1) is slowly pulling into his station, in very very close proximity to the Moon’s North Node. These ‘close’ conjunctions are not accidental. There’s a good reason why each of the rulers of the lower body is stationing under the influence of a much larger energy. It speaks to the overall alignment process that is taking place for each and every one of us, and those outer planets (Mars is ALSO making a triple bridge with Uranus during his retrograde), are redirecting our energies into the new world.

Mars is stationing just as the Moon’s North Node has entered Libra and is moving clockwise toward Mars. In between these two is the former asteroid (now planetoid) Vesta, also at 29 Libra, representing the spiritual fire of devotion within. Mars, ruling the body and the way we channel our energies, is finding the truth about the mirrored Self, and the evolutionary doorway opens to the experience of unity consciousness. Unity consciousness is the greatest realization possible in the Libra energetic. That the ‘other’ is one with you and never separate is the main gist of the new consciousness.

In the next week or so, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter will all turn around and/or begin new chapters. All inside of one week, our experience of life on Earth will shift. Vesta’s participation in this latest near conjunction between Mars and the North Node adds the element of conviction and devotion, as only a via combusta conjunction can. The physical piece is rightfully the last piece of this recalibration process, (it always is), but this time it’s different, in that it yields a new experience of the Self.

The ongoing Mars/Uranus polarity is the bridge that delivers us from the lower self to the higher Self. It speaks to the rainbow bridge, the connection between the Pineal Gland (the 3rd eye) and the hypothalamus (the ascension chakra at the base of the brain). We are crossing that bridge to the higher Self, en masse, each of us individually, holding hands with the next one, to give us the strength to get to the other side. That Venus is finishing up her direct shadow phase all at the same time brings the newly sovereign heart into the picture, and completes the realignment process that has been going on since the winter solstice last year. Thus the heart begins the new cycle again.

As the Spring Equinox comes into view, the keyword is balance. This particular Equinox is not just about balance, but it is about the balance we have already achieved in the midst of tremendous change. The balance had to come first, because it will serve to move us through the change while we remain on the higher ground we have accessed. Everything is about to become new.

The kind of new we’re headed for adds a whole new dimension to Springtime.

“Let this truth go as deep in you as possible: that life is already here, arrived. You are standing on the goal. Don’t ask about the path.”

– Osho

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