• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Aquarius: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • 9:9 Star Gate
  • Hidden 9:9 Star Gate

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The Aquarius Moon is going to come together with Mercury at just about 3pm EST today. This is significant because Mercury has pulled into his station, and he will go direct tomorrow morning at 9am exactly. This means we will be feeling the Great Messenger turning around in a very big way today. Pay attention to all the little messages that show up for you today. Everything is talking to you… your body, your machines, your friends and loved ones. Everything and everyone has something to communicate to you. And Mercury is not moving, so all messages should be received easily enough.

Don’t overlook anything. No matter how minor it appears to you. Everything has meaning that will carry over to the huge tide-turning that is just up ahead. Mercury’s station, it turns out, is just the tip of the iceberg. So listen up to those messages, subtle or not so subtle. Those machines that stopped working in the middle of the retrograde just might turn themselves back on today. Try them. Leave no stone unturned.

If your body does a strange thing today, tune into it. Do not overlook it. Not to say it’s something bad or dangerous, just meaningful. Don’t turn away without grasping the message being sent. Meaningful is the key word today. Lost items turn up. People who went away come back. The point of anything that happens along these lines is to note the differences in the way you’re relating to these people places or things now. The world is changing, and that change is you.

Mercury is stationing in Aquarius (which is one big reason why machinery was so interrupted during this retrograde). Mercury in Aquarius is also very much related to intuitive capacity. Have you noticed how attuned you’ve been to the thoughts of others lately? Some of that is the Mercury in Aquarius energy, but mostly it is the Piscean connection that makes us all so aware of the oneness. Aquarius amps up the intuitive factor, but Pisces makes it practically impossible to separate your Self out from the rest of the crowd.

In fact, where Pisces is concerned, the only way to separate out is to move into full on escape mode. Escapism is not for 5D folk. Here in this new world, you don’t want to go away. You want to join in. The Moon will move into Pisces tomorrow and we will experience a New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Chiron on Saturday. During the next two weeks, while four planets change direction and Venus finishes up her retrograde journey, unity consciousness will be established much more totally than ever before.

This may be the beginning, but it’s a beginning with a big launch. It will be undeniable, and it will move each of us in our own way into the new world, where we can set up a new home, new relationships, and a whole new experience for our Selves. Let go of anything, ANYTHING, that is still holding you back or tying you to your past. This is the moment to let it all go.

“There is no such thing as chance; and what seem to us merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny.”

– Friedrich Schiller

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