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The Mars/Saturn stations this past weekend have shifted the mood and the theme for the next few months. Diligence and Right Action, according to your own inner guidance mechanism, become the 5D purpose now. Each of these planets is in the middle of its own set of very important bigger picture processes. Yesterday I discussed Mars, today let’s look at Saturn.

Saturn, who became the representative of the inner guru archetype during his last two years journeying through Scorpio, is currently making his third of four stations in Scorpio for this 29 year cycle around the Sun. Usually Saturn makes three stations and has a three part teaching to impart through each sign. This one is different. Well significantly, this is the first time Saturn is traveling through Scorpio in the new order. Things are different here. The 4th station, next year, after Saturn moves into Sagittarius and then retrogrades back into Scorpio, will no doubt be the final piece of the teaching about attuning the inner voice to Source and trusting it so well that we are creating the world out of that connection.

This third passage is usually the one where the lesson manifests fully. Interestingly, this is a 3:3 Star Gate today, which also promises manifestation. Everything gels and comes together in a cohesive way under the ‘3’ vibration.
Saturn is also participating in the ongoing Grand Water trine that has dominated last year and this year as well. Currently he is in this formation with Jupiter and Chiron. This promises to bring about an easy transition into a newly unified social identity for each and every one of us. Jupiter is stationing now too, preparing to go direct on Thursday, making the Grand trine particularly potent right now.

Saturn is also in an ongoing mutual reception with Pluto, for as long as Saturn remains in Scorpio (till the end of the year and again for part of next year). That means Saturn and Pluto are working together in ways they don’t usually do, and that they are interchangeable energies at this time. Saturn’s inner authority and Pluto’s transformational energies can fill in for each other whenever necessary. This is certainly assisting in our ascension into the new consciousness.

Saturn will be retrograde until the end of July, and the meditation for the degree of yesterday’s station, according to Ellias Lonsdale from his book Star Sparks can be very informative about what to open up to and embrace as Saturn journeys backwards:

Scorpio 24: Coca bushes growing wild in the Andes Mountains.

”Going under, going over, going around, and going through. Needing to run wild in every direction until the only thing left is to move on through.

As we go under, we probe every hidden recess in the centers underbrush. We obsess on making sure we stay in touch with the shadows.

As we go over, we seek the far places of Spirit. And when we find this, we build our whole world around this. It is so easy to become swept away by the grandeur and the glory. We have been to the mountain before, and now it is easy to go there and return and to insist upon the ways of the mountain top down in the valley below.

As we go around, we are magnetized by every detour that can give us a run for our money. We can go for convention or extreme excess, we can try fabulous roles and semblances or just run dry in the banal stretches of the journey. It is almost like self-punishment, the ordeal we put ourselves through. But we have to learn this part just as thoroughly as all the others.

When we are last able to go through, we enter upon a world entirely different from the under, over and around versions. We begin to center upon an undivided world which contains every wonder and mystery, and can work within absolutely any layer or level of existence with equanimity and true acceptance of whatever that domain requires.

Now we have taken our wanderlust and transmuted it into one keen inner direction, right through the heart of the world. Once we narrow it down to the most wide open yet decisively all-here path, spirit can guide us freely into any and every space we are meant to traverse. Yet now there are no compulsions, no addictions, no [distractions] . We know that the entire panorama of existence as calling to the center, breath by breath.”

“Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.”
– Belva Davis

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