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    This may appear to be a quiet weekend, in the sense that we are without any huge planetary events, (in fact we are without many aspects at all), but we have just sustained one of the largest blasts of planetary tide-turning ever, and we are currently in the throes of Jupiter’s direct station. That means everything has turned around, though we can’t quite tell that yet, and that turnaround is about to take on monumentally expansive growth. So it may seem like a lull, but in the bigger picture, it is anything but.

    Jupiter is in his station till Monday, and it won’t be until then that we begin to feel the growth. The Moon is in Gemini today, so there’s lots to do, places to be, plenty of buzz and movement, but it is not yet the spurt of expansion that will soon be upon us. This is a great day to get the little things done. The kind of increase we are facing will leave many of us incapable or at least unwilling to turn to these little things. So again, this is the perfect day for that.

    This is our last day before daylight savings time kicks in (at 2am tomorrow morning), which adds to the effect of everything getting bigger and better as of Monday. More daylight, more life force pouring in. Venus and Mercury are both in Aquarius, and it always a blessing when the mind and the heart are attuned to the same quality of consciousness. Aquarius is all about making sure the authentic self is being revealed. It’s about going without shields or armor, and freely letting the truth of the most personal self be known.

    In the past I have frequently said that Aquarius tends to lack the personal chip, but that is a 3D perspective. Aquarius requires the expression of the personal self to become all that it is meant to be, which is an example for all of humanity. We have a mind heart connection going on right now in the sign of the new order, just after both planets (Venus and Mercury) have completed retrograde cycles. It’s a new alignment, and we have never been so prepared for it.

    We are headed for a very important full Moon next Sunday… the Virgo full Moon. I will talk about it much more as we get there, but Virgo turns out to be a very important sign, the sign of the Virgin Mother energy…that is, the energy of the pure heart. It is the pure heart that births the Christ (Higher) consciousness. This full Moon, then, becomes a very crucial one, particularly given the timing of it.

    Mars continues his retrograde journey through Libra, accompanied by the evolutionary North Node and Ceres and Vesta, two of the newest divine feminine archetypes we have access to. Nurturing and Devotion. There isn’t one of us who can do without those two very important qualities right now.

    “Learn to become still and to take your attention away from what you don’t want, and all the emotional charge around it, and place the attention on what you wish to experience.”

    – Michael Beckwith

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