• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Gemini
  • Moon enters Cancer: 9:34am
  • Moon Void of Course: 3:54am – 9:34am
  • Hidden 3:3 Star Gate
  • Hidden 7:7 Star Gate

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Do you feel it? The huge breakthrough just up ahead? The growth spurt? The giant leap? That’s Jupiter, stationed at 10/11 Cancer, reactivating the Grand trine of last summer and headed for a brand new Grand Water trine (involving Chiron this time) that will be exact next month. We are all ready for something new. Some have visioned it, some have prayed for it, some have dreamed of it, and others have a vague idea of what ‘it’ might be.

Some are only just beginning to loosen their grip on the past, and others are overly anxious about what tomorrow will bring. There is no blessing that can come from either of those postures. The point here is, we have been infused with new guidance, new emotional perception, and a huge amount of consciousness, courtesy of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter’s recent retrogrades). These three have gone direct and almost simultaneously Mars and Saturn went retrograde. That mean we are being downloaded with higher awareness at the physical level and attuning much more deeply to the inner guru. All of this taken together has produced the tide-turning I’ve been talking about.

The tide has turned, but it is not moving forward just yet. It will momentarily. This is the perfect moment to realize and accept that we know absolutely nothing of what is up ahead. Even if we prayed for it. Even if we visioned it, planned for it, manipulated our worlds to make it happen. We don’t know what’s next. The more still and quiet and open and surrendered we can be in this moment, the more willing we are to resist the temptation to create with a fear based mental construct and then project it onto the future just to feel as though we know what’s coming, the more of an amazing, miraculous new world we will find.

We have already created it, we are already there. We may not consciously know what that means, or what it looks like with our human eyes, but the new world up ahead has been held for safekeeping in our hearts all along, and if we can trust in our own capacity to Create, we will find everything and more than we have ever dreamed of just around the corner.

We have come here to realize that we have been here all along, and of course we knew what we were going to find, we are meeting our Selves here.

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
Edmund Hillary

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