• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Leo
  • Moon enters Virgo: 6:08pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 2:26am – 6:08pm

Well, this new Cosmic Path  incarnation came to be without a hiccough, and I personally did not even see the site go down. I want to send a very special thank you to Kimberlee Gorgo, whose brilliance and expertise made all of this newness possible. You may not have noticed that comments are possible now, if you are a subscriber. That means that if you have ever been a member of the site, even if you’re not paying for the Daily Weather now, just use your log in and you can leave comments. I would love to hear what you have to say.

Please take a moment to register for the Worm Hole Teleconference tomorrow night. The link is over on the right, under events.

The upcoming Full Moon total lunar eclipse is a blood Moon, meaning it will look red, and it seems this is the first of 4 consecutive blood Moons, ( these happen in April and October), which till take us through most of 2015. This is a very rare phenomenon that has only happened a few times since we began recording these things. These are the times mentioned in the Bible, that no matter how many times we read it from the perspective of separation consciousness, never made much sense. Now it does.

“And I will show wonders in the heavens, and in the earth, blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord.” Joel 2:30-31
This is the first of a series of four Blood Moons in 2014/2015. It is called a Tetrad. There have been many prophecies of the Return of the Christ on the Blood Moon. Of course WE Know this refers to Christ Consciousness. This Tetrad of 4 Blood Moons has only happened 7 times since the birth of Jesus. Many have waited for the Return of the Christ in the past during these occurrences. This is the One! (Pamela Johnson on Facebook)
The Sun/Mars/Earth alignment has been intense for each of us. It’s like a triple gravity force field, but we have attained so much consciousness that it doesn’t pull us down the same way anymore. Instead, it offers a new perspective on where we’ve been for so long.

Here’s a vision from one of my faithful readers, which she had on the day of the Aries new Moon as we entered the worm hole:

This morning I feel a new/old heart vibration. It was as if a light switch had been turned on, and a beacon now shines from there. It is familiar and yet feels very new and unexplored. I closed my eyes and immediately saw a large plaza, at night, with many, many people around the perimeter. As my light turned on, so did theirs. Each light shot up into the sky and joined with the others to create a vast framework surrounding us, within us and connecting us all. More lights continue to turn on and join the framework. I am aware of voices as a person joins, asking questions, expressing confusion, wonder, curiosity, and then each voice falls silent as the framework connection is completed. The wonder of that connection becomes everything. The vibration continues to rise in frequency and has turned a pinkish gold. The framework is now glowing with such intensity that it appears to be nothing but glorious light. And just like that, we are changed.
Thank you Jan Finley!

This is a beautiful expression of what is taking place within each of us right now, and if we can all focus on the Light that we are, we can turn these physical vehicles into the Merkabas (vehicle of Light) that they are. That is what is happening. We are turning into Light. Please join me for my Worm Hole teleconference “The Emergence of Homo Luminous” on Friday evening, April 11th, at 7pm. I have decided to offer this special teleconference because it is such an important time for humanity.

Meanwhile, today is a day that features a void Moon for more than half of it. Inside the void Mercury and Venus come together in an intimate semisextile. Both Venus, ruler of the heart center, and Mercury, ruler of the consciousness, have been profoundly transformed since the year began. Today’s semisextile gives them (and therefore us) the chance to ‘get to know each other’ in a new way. Pay attention to the way your heart blends with your thoughts today, because it’s all new, and this new relationship is going to serve you well in the weeks to come.

We are now headed for the Venus Neptune conjunction, which completes the circuit of the Mercury Neptune conjunction that occurred around the Aries new Moon. The mind and heart are more aligned and balanced than ever before, which is going to produce a massive collective ascension. We are already in this process. Don’t try to understand it, just Know that it is happening. It is not possible to justify or completely experience something that is in the middle of happening. It is best to just know that it is.

We are in the middle of the most massive change that has ever happened.

“You create your opportunities by asking for them.”

-Shakti Gawain

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