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For the week of September 3 - 9:

Just to let you know, this is a very VERY long CC Weekly, for two reasons... One is that this is a very jam packed week, but even more significantly, I have added my original feature that I used to offer of putting up all the important aspects for each day of the week. I have not elaborated on some of them, it's already 7 pages long, but I think it helps to see them listed. Please feel free to let me know what you think...Stephanie

As we move into the first full week of September, we can feel the “wrapping up” energy taking hold. It’s actually a double whammy, because we have stepped into the ‘9’ month energy, the completion, AND we are also headed for the end of the worm hole, which occurs next Sunday afternoon (EDT) with the Virgo New Moon event. All week long we will feel this distinctive ‘shiva’ like energy. What has been is no more. If there’s anything you haven’t yet let go of (that you know you’re being asked to release), find a way to do so this week. The energies are such that you will find your Self with less and less of a choice as the end of the worm hole nears.


Actually, the idea of having choices is beginning to fade. Choice is a distinctly 3D experience. The more we discipline our Selves to stay open-hearted and centered in Self-Love, the less there is to question, and the idea of having to choose a path all but disintegrates. Certainly, for a time, there will be those moments when the choice rears its head, but “head” is the operative word there. The discipline is to realize when your head is in charge and to move to your heart as soon as you can.
Your heart knows its path, ALWAYS. Trust that, or begin to cultivate your capacity to trust. This is a week when following your heart is the key to being able to deal with all that is on your plate. It may seem overwhelming at times. That’s because you’ve been in a worm hole for 12 weeks, moving at warp speed, getting much more done than you had any clue about. Now everything you’ve managed to prepare for your journey into the next chapter is right here, on the plate in front of you, asking for your attention.
It is difficult to pace your Self when you’re walking through a stretch of constantly changing energies. This week you need to navigate the end of the worm hole with its finally slowing down warp speed process, while figuring out how to work with all that you’ve created while you moved through this patch ungrounded. It might be best to consider REMAINING ungrounded, not entirely of course, but much in the same way you experience the observer’s perch. There is ground there too, just not the same gravitational pull. Stay with that consciousness for best results this week.
The week begins with Mercury in a fresh new chapter of communication and connection. The mental operating system has been recalibrated and upgraded to align much more fully with your new consciousness. Venus too begins the week freshly into her retrograde shadow. That means that everything that occurs at the heart level is ultimately being upgraded as well, throughout this entire Venus cycle. This cycle will take us all the way to December 17.
The heart is the new root chakra, and so this recalibration is extremely significant. Venus is in the via combusta… This is not a particularly EASY path, but she begins this shadow journey conjunct Haumea and Arcturus, and she ends her retrograde right here as well (November 16th). This might be the only part of the via combusta (23 – 25 Libra) that is so positive it supersedes the intensity of what we are moving through at this time.
There are FOUR ingresses this week… FOUR!!! When planets move into new signs, the consciousness shifts to focus that planet’s archetype through a new lens. There’s a lot of changing focus this week. Pallas moves into Virgo on Tuesday 9/4, Mercury also moves into Virgo on Wednesday night (9/5), Ceres moves into Libra, crossing the world axis and bringing our focus to the Equinox energy on Thursday 9/6, and Venus moves into Scorpio on Sunday 9/9, for the first of two visits to this part of our consciousness this year.
On top of all this shifting of conscious awareness, there are three planets changing direction. This has the effect of shifting our focus toward the world to a more inward focus on the higher Self. The Black Moon turns retrograde on Monday (9/3), Saturn turns direct on Thursday 9/6 and Ixion (representing our soul’s express purpose for this incarnation) goes direct on Saturday (9/8). These three planets changing direction so close together is important. It all has to do with the dying patriarchy and the resurgence of the Divine Feminine energies on the planet.
And of course, the Virgo New Moon on Sunday the 9th marks the end of this Mother of all Worm holes. The delivery from a worm hole can be bumpy… but it doesn’t have to be too uncomfortable. It’s all about the allowing, the acceptance of what is. When you leave the worm hole on Sunday, there should be nothing you’re holding on to. Nothing should matter that much now, because it is all changing, like it or not. It’s important to remember that you are the Creator of the chapter that is about to unfold. It’s done. Trust your Self and let it emerge. Anything else is resistance on one form or another, and that will not hold up in this powerful Virgo (Divine Mother) energy.
MONDAY September 3:
  • Venus comes together with Haumea just after midnight EDT, bringing the energy of the High Way to Awakened Unity Consciousness energy right onto the week’s launch pad.
  • The Black Moon Lilith turns retrograde at 29 Aquarius at around 3am EDT. She has been dancing wildly around the Mars/Earth star conjunction, and this is the first time she has covered the entirety of the Aquarius consciousness. The Black Moon has been deeply involved in the dissolution of the patriarchy as well as the deterioration of the current administration in the US. Today she stations on the Part of Fortune of the president, and she heads back for another dance with Mars/Earth star just as Mars hits that 0 point to undo it all (9/11 9/15). More about this next week. As much as I do not like prediction, this seems to be to be a done deal. I am going out on a limb to say this is it. In a world that is polarizing, it makes sense that as we collectively reach the end of the beginning, the polarized part of it all reaches the beginning of the end.
  • Mercury forms a resource with Venus at 9am EDT, producing a creative and productive energy for these two to continue their balancing ballet. This is quite the week for this process.
  • Mercury also manifests with Ixion today. This is significant because Ixion is going retrograde at the end of the week and as Mercury begins this entirely new chapter, it seems that his connection to Ixion reflects the shift in our collective purpose,
  • Finally today Ceres manifests with Mars, helping each of us to move significantly out of those physical issues we’ve been grappling with. Ceres is the mid wife within, who knows how to life us up out of the places that have had us stuck and delivers us to higher ground.
Tuesday September 4:
  • Pallas Athena (wisdom) moves into Virgo, sign of the Divine Mother at 7am EDT and then manifests with Quaoar at 7:40am.. This should easily take our Divine Feminine Self to an entirely new paradigm, conscious or not. If you’re attuned to your Self you will experience this right away. If not, no worries, this is happening and it will unfold for you.
  • Mercury manifests with the Galactic Center (7am EDT) and then forms a stepping stone with Sedna (11am EDT). It seems that Mercury’s first connections as he establishes this new chapter are very very conscious and focused on the Divine Feminine remembrance/wholing.
Wednesday September 5:
  • Venus and Mercury continue their heart/mind realignment dance today as Venus dominates the early part of the day with a resource to the Galactic Center (8:15am EDT) and a Great Eliminator with Sedna (4:48am EDT) Both of these aspects follow Mercury’s lead yesterday.
  • Mercury moves into Virgo tonight (10:39pm EDT) and almost immediately manifests with Quaoar (10:49pm). This is a major, extremely significant moment for the higher mental operating system. Quaoar is the 5D octave (or beyond) of Mercury. This manifestation delivers us to all new perception, which in turn delivers us to the new world. We are the creators/projectors of the world, and this moment, whether we realize it fully or not (yet) marks the start of the precipitation of the new paradigm.
Thursday September 6:
  • Ceres crosses the world axis and enters Libra at 2:23am EDT, and then forms a stepping stone with Quaoar. All this immediate Quaoar activity takes us to a much more multidimensional consciousness each time. Ceres’ ingress into Libra is the first hit we get in this part of the energy field. It delivers us to the physical quadrant and the consciousness of the mirrored Self.
  • SATURN stations to go DIRECT this morning at 6:08am EDT. Saturn has been stationing (not really moving) for about a week and will continue to gather momentum for direct movement for the next few days. Now that he has gone direct, though, we will be feeling all that has happened concerning our own inner authority issues as well as the dissolution of the patriarchy that reflects the even more multidimensional passing of the baton for father role from Saturn back to Uranus. Saturn and Uranus are currently manifesting with each other in a prolonged way, as each of them has stationed recently. The lower body rulers are taking up positions to complete the Grand Manifestation here, or in Venus’ case, the kite formation. This GRAND MANIFESTING is bringing us all to a much more awakened place when it comes to realizing who is in charge…
  • Mercury in Great Eliminator with Chiron: 10:14am EDT
  • Mercury Pallas New Cycle at 2 Virgo: 2:58pm
  • Sun Great Attractor Stepping Stone: 5:01pm
  • Uranus Varuna Stepping Stone: 8:32pm
Friday September 7:
  • Mercury forms a Grand Manifestation with Saturn and Uranus today, manifesting with Uranus at 3:41am and with Saturn at 8:21am. The Sun produced this same grand manifesting last weekend, and this is a continuation of those amazing life altering energies. Since last weekend, Mercury has begun a new cycle, bringing his new consciousness to this transformational moment. There’s a lot to awaken to.
  • Vesta Galactic Center New Cycle (27 Sagittarius 06)
  • Mercury Salacia Great Eliminator (11:58am).. Have you noticed the new planet in the daily charts? It looks like a shell. Salacia is Neptune’s partner… The divine feminine essence of the ocean, deeply connected to the Moon. With today’s Mercury aspect, we can tune in and learn a lot about this amazing new divine feminine archetype.
  • Sun Neptune Bridge (2:27pm).. Salacia has an orbit that is longer than Neptune’s but she does come close to Neptune at one point in her orbit and this is that moment. (It lasts quite a while). Salacia sits in early Aries right now, and Neptune is mid-Pisces, but they seem to be working in tandem at this time, delivering us all so much more fully to the limitless realm.
  • Chiron Ceres Light Bridge: 9:17pm – This is a great observer’s perch to take advantage of tonight. Ceres is moving pretty swiftly at the moment, so this won’t be fully active for long.
Saturday September 8:
  • Uranus Manifesting with Pallas: 10:00am EDT
  • Vesta Sedna Great Eliminator: 2:06pm
  • Ixion turns direct: 25 Sagittarius 12 – 3:33pm
  • Venus Mars stepping stone: 4:39pm EDT – This aspect marks an important turning point for the divine feminine part of every soul. Mars has just come out of a retrograde cycle (he is still recovering his shadow) and he is out of bounds until 9/25, while Venus has just entered her retrograde shadow… The Divine Feminine co-rulers are adjusting their connection to make for a much more solidified, conscious feminine Self.
Sunday, September 9:
  • Saturn Pallas Manifesting: 4:04am
  • Venus Quaoar Resource: 5:38am
  • Sun Arawn Manifesting: 1:03pm (Arawn is a new Plutino energy that I’ll be using, though like Albion (aka QB1) there is no Solar Fire symbol yet.) Arawn has a profound connection to the invisible realm, as do Pluto and Orcus. The Sun lights up this archetype today in our consciousness… Look for what you can see around this new energy.
  • VIRGO NEW MOON-END OF THE WORM HOLE: (17 Virgo 00) 2:02pm – Look for all kinds of information on this long awaited, majorly anticipated event all over this website.
  • Pallas Salacia Great Eliminator: 2:44pm EDT

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  1. Stephanie,
    Thank you, I like your summary, then you did the individual days. It is a lot to take in, but.we can savor it and have another place to go each morning after we read your Daily Blog.
    Have a wonderful day, and thank you for all that you do and share with us.
    Love & Peace to You Always….

  2. Hey Stephanie, Can you explain The Part of Fortune you referenced in Trumps chart? (what it is )
    And yes I LOVE this overview and the way you broke down the days.
    Much love and thanks, Peg

  3. I can hear your voice Stephanie and feel the passion in this cosmic weekly. There truly is no other to replace what you teach and while that is necessary, I want you to know how much I am enjoying this week. Thank you for navigating the way and helping us reach higher and higher.

  4. Thank you so much Stephanie. I feel this shift happening to my very core, and I can now see how everything has been leading up to this all along. I can see it happening with others I am intimate with on a daily basis too, and finally human beings are beginning to articulate what they’re going through. The truth is coming. It’s the most incredible gift to be part of this unfolding transformation. We are in this together. Unity consciousness!!! Love and light to all.

  5. Thank you for sharing your light with us Stephanie. As we come out of this super sonic wormhole, my focus on gratitude is so intense- the growth has been off the charts in all ways: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Yet perhaps others have not been favored by fortune this time around. I can’t help wondering “How fragile we are, like tears from a star” – Sting,

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