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For the week of   October 22 - 28. 2018

It’s getting very easy these days to call every week a life altering one, so much so that it always seems kind of hokey to do it. I always think ‘how can I keep saying this without seeming over the top’? And then I remember that it’s totally true that every single week is game changing. I don’t think any of us can remember what our lives were like just a week ago, things are changing so fast. Well, here comes another one. (And honestly, this is going to go on this way for at least a couple of years, as I gaze at the world from this observer’s perch).

The week contains 13 Black Moon events, for starters. She begins the week in Capricorn, making aspects to Sedna, Jupiter, Haumea and Eris before she goes direct on Wednesday night and then repeats all those aspects on Thursday and Saturday, (including a repeat resource to Chiron, residual from last week). She then reenters Aquarius on Sunday. She will end the week with yet another conjunction with the Earth Star (South Node), and a resource with Salacia.
The Black Moon dancing has been a significant backdrop for years now, though she has totally danced her way front and center lately. This is no accident. Nothing is. The Black Moon displays many properties as she moves to connect with all the archetypes in our consciousness, and one of them is to serve as something of a disruptive trigger, an activator of light and energies that have been dormant for untold centuries.
Also this week a few other very important events are on tap. I mentioned the Black Moon hitting the High Way (Eris/Haumea) Light Bridge TWICE this week, serving as an intersection, or on/off ramp for that amazing higher observation deck. That means that at any moment the Black Moon may trigger some response in you that lands you on the High Way. Pay attention to you, so you will know where you are when it happens.
There are a couple of other important Light Bridges this week, including CERES joining the High Way on Saturday night when she forms a Light Bridge of her own with Eris. (She will conjoin with Haumea next week). That the Black Moon AND Ceres are interfacing with the Eris/Haumea Light Bridge this week promises a major lift for those of us who make good use of the observer’s deck.
Another very significant (and rare) Light Bridge activates this week, on Thursday, when Jupiter and Sedna come into full polarity. WOW. This is fascinating because Jupiter is such a major player in our solar system. It is obviously the giant, and it is the first planet beyond the personal planets, aka the lower body rulers. Jupiter represents all things expansive and conscious, and this Light Bridge with Sedna promises a major conscious growth spurt. Sedna is at once a new player and a most ancient one. She has an epochal influence. The last time she was here, 12,000 years ago, we fell. The patriarchy was born and the feminine was ‘discarded’. She’s back to make things right. Well, maybe that’s my take on it. She’s just doing her thing…
The cycles repeat themselves, it’s true. But that doesn’t mean we can’t rewrite the script. This seems like the perfect moment to get a good look at what is possible and then rearrange our personal belief system so as to create a brand new world.
And speaking of creating a new world, the Sun moves into the sign of the alchemist (Scorpio) on Tuesday, where he makes a series of aspects including a resource with Quaoar and a bridge with Uranus. Talk about shifting perspectives!
With the energy of a brand new paradigm the Full Moon occurs on Wednesday, conjunct Uranus, promising a major shift or two in the world and in our capacity to access the higher Self. (That’s what Uranus does, after all).
And there’s more to this Full Moon than that. The Sun and Venus are moving toward their inferior conjunction at the time of the Full Moon. That conjunction ALSO occurs this week, on Friday morning. That is one major Bridge being created by the Full Moon this week. It will reverberate all week long, and be continued next week, when Venus forms her second of three bridges with Uranus.
Next Sunday is a huge day. The Black Moon comes together with the Karmic node AGAIN, bringing big changes to the condition of the patriarchy and the male/female balance, AND Mercury enters his retrograde shadow late Sunday night (EDT) to finish off the week. That event, which occurs at the end of Scorpio, ALSO in a bridge with Sedna, promises much more to come. This is, after all, just the beginning of a Mercury retrograde cycle that will take us all the way to the end of the year.
With all the Black Moon activity this week, and the Light Bridges, the Full Moon and Mercury moving into his shadow and activating the first of three Light Bridges with Sedna, this week seems more like a bridge itself, connecting two completely different chapters of our ongoing journey. The next two weeks, which will deliver us to a world axis Scorpio new Moon, promise some very amplified energies, some of which we’ve never experienced before. We will need to be open and ready for anything. Detached from the past AND any idea of the future we may still be clinging to. It’s important to remember right now, that a new world is emerging out of all this chaos. And while we are manifesting it… we are creating it as we go. And no old idea will hold up in the new order. And new ideas can only occur to us in the moment… and only if we are detached enough and open enough to perceive them.
And of course, we are.



(All times given are EDT)


MON 10/22:

Sun Chiron Great Eliminator: 4:22am (28 Libra/Pisces 53)
Black Moon Sedna Manifestation: 5:09am (27 Capricorn/Taurus 07)
Black Moon Jupiter Resource: 12:25pm (26 Capricorn/Scorpio 23)
Mercury Pluto Resource: 3:11pm (18 Scorpio/Capricorn 52)
Black Moon Haumea Stepping Stone: 11:16pm (25 Capricorn/Libra Stepping Stone)


TUES 10/23:

Sun enters Scorpio: 7:23am
Sun Juno Great Eliminator: 9:17am (0 Scorpio/Gemini 04)
Sun Quaoar Resource: 3:07pm (0 Capricorn/Scorpio 19)
Sun Uranus Bridge: 8:47pm (0 Scorpio/Taurus 33)
Sedna Galactic Center Great Eliminator: 10:08pm (27 Taurus/Sagittarius 06)


WED 10/24:

Back Moon Eris Stepping Stone: 4:15am (23 Capricorn/Aries 28)
Venus Saturn Resource: 8:53am (4 Scorpio/Capricorn 21)
FULL MOON (Sun Moon Bridge: 12:45pm (1 Scorpio/Taurus 13)
BLACK MOON STATIONS DIRECT: 9:14pm (23 Capricorn 08)


THU 10/25:

Sun Salacia Great Eliminator: 4:13am (1 Scorpio/Aries 51)
Black Moon Eris Stepping Stone: 1:50pm (23 Capricorn/Aries 27)
Jupiter Sedna Light Bridge: 8:53pm (27 Scorpio/Taurus 05)
Mercury Eris Great Eliminator: 11:17pm (23 Scorpio/Aries 26)

FRI 10/26:

Sun Varuna Stepping Stone: 2:18am (2 Scorpio/Leo 46)
Pallas Ixion Stepping Stone: 7:04am (25 Virgo/Sagittarius 40)
Neptune Vesta Resource: 11:30am (13 Pisces/Capricorn 55)
Venus Varuna Stepping Stone: 11:08pm (2 Scorpio/Leo 46)


SAT 10/27:

Black Moon Sedna Manifesting: 9:42am (27 Capricorn/Taurus 04)
Black Moon Jupiter Resource: 12:42pm (27 Capricorn/Taurus 26)
Uranus Quaoar Manifestation: 10:01pm (0 Taurus/Capricorn 23)
Black Moon Chiron Resource: 10:27pm (28 Capricorn/Pisces 40)
Sun Saturn Resource: 10:53pm (4 Scorpio/Capricorn 37)
Ceres Eris Light Bridge: 11:18pm (23 Libra/Aries 25)


SUN 10/28:

Black Moon Juno Manifesting: 4:39am (29 Capricorn/Taurus 30)
Black Moon enters Aquarius: 8:14am
Mercury Pallas Resource: 8:45am (26 Scorpio/Virgo 37)
Black Moon Uranus Stepping Stone: 10:56am (0 Aquarius/Taurus 22)
Black Moon Earth Star Conjunction: 1:16pm (0 Aquarius 41)
Venus Salacia Great Eliminator: 1:40pm (1 Scorpio/Aries 46)
Mercury Sedna Light Bridge: 4:59pm (27 Scorpio/Taurus 03)
Black Moon Salacia Resource: 9:04pm (1 Aquarius/Aries 47)

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  1. I think you all need a section that defines all of these new terms/planets, etc. to astrology. for instance: what is a Black Moon as opposed to a regular moon? what is a Sedna? what is a Quaoar Manifestation; Black Moon Salacia Resource, Ceres Eris Light Bridge; Pallas Ixion Stepping Stone, etc. etc. I’m not an astrologer and I don’t understand all these terms. I’d like to be able to read what the planets are doing without all the gibberish. At least define what you are talking about if you want us to be able to use the information. THANK YOU.
    love some aspects of your site, but it’s getting more and more complicated to the ordinary readers not versed in new astrology terms.

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