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For the week of November 26, 2018

There’s a complicated week ahead, when new themes are developing, and older circumstances remain persistent… hanging on for a little bit longer. Mercury is retrograde, indicating that a couple of things are true: First, we are reviewing what has already taken place, and that is always a strange thing, as life continues to unfold, making it difficult to keep our bearings from moment to moment. Second, a retrograde planet, most particularly an inner, more personal archetype, is directing its energies toward the higher Self, which means that remaining in the observer’s perch and viewing all that is transpiring from that higher vantage point is not only preferable, it’s essential.

Mercury is a major player, especially during the first half of the week. He squares Mars and makes his retrograde way into conjunctions with Jupiter and the Sun. (That conjunction with the Sun marks the half way point of his retrograde journey). He also finds resource with MakeMake, making it possible for anyone with eyes to See and ears to Hear to move more fully into the Universal laws that have been there to guide us from the beginning of time.
At a moment like this, when the laws we have made up as we went along to serve our “civilized” world are becoming so distorted they can no longer be meaningful, those old reliable standbys… the law of Love, the Law of One to name a couple, take over, as they always will. Some of us may realize that they never left us, we just got distracted.
The first half of the week is taken up with a Sun Jupiter new cycle, and Mercury Jupiter and Mercury Sun conjunctions. I call the latter two conjunctions, because Mercury is retrograde, and it won’t be until he comes back this way and makes his third and final connections with both of these planets that the true new cycles will begin. Those will occur on December 23 (Mercury Jupiter) and January 30 (Mercury Sun).
When you see it laid out this way, it becomes clear that the part of life that is realigning itself courtesy of Mercury will take a while. It makes sense, doesn’t it? In this country alone the government is newly transformed, but it won’t be until after the new year that the new energies take root. It is actually that way with everything everywhere… relationships, work, health, even spiritual matters.. All are new but they also need these next 6 or 8 weeks to establish those new beginnings.
The first aspect this week is a Sun Jupiter new cycle, and taking place in Sagittarius, which is Jupiter’s own sign, this promises a week that is undeniably lighter than the last bunch of weeks have been. Then those newer, lighter themes develop, as Mercury comes backwards into this pairing, adding his mental perspectives into all the potential expansion.
All new possibilities will emerge this week, but they will take till after the new year to actually move forward.
Later this week the Black Moon starts dancing again, after another 4 days or so of what is becoming familiar behavior from her.. Stealthy lurking in the dark corners, preparing to pull everything that’s hiding in there out into the open.
The Black Moon is in Capricorn again, after a few weeks of Aquarius consciousness. She is more focused on what’s right and wrong here in Capricorn, while in Aquarius she is taking us into the future. The Black Moon stations and goes direct on Thursday and then repeats all the aspects she made last week.
She hooks up with the Eris/Haumea Light Bridge, forming an intersection, and on/off ramp, if you will. And then she comes together AGAIN with Pluto and then the karmic Earth Star Node, bringing the powerful karma that was revealed last week even further into the light. It’s important to note that both of these conjunctions will occur two more final times, delivering us right to the end of the year.
The weekend holds a lot of shifting and changing, as both Venus and Mercury return to Scorpio. Venus is recovering her shadow and Mercury dips back into Scorpio for the last week or so of his retrograde journey. That the archetypes of the mind and heart spend the rest of the next couple of weeks together in the sign of alchemical manifestation should prove fascinating.
Vesta enters Aquarius toward the end of the week as well, shifting the nature of what we are devoting our Selves to. It lights a fire under us to get on with things, and change becomes the central theme.
Mars forms aspects with Mercury, Chiron and the Sun this week, definitely pointing to a theme that centers on physical well being. That may be health related or home related, or even neighborhood related. These are stepping stones, meaning that all the crisis and conflict we’ve been through in recent times provides that leg up, that extra shot of strength we need to get through to a newer chapter.
Perhaps we can also relate this Mars activity to the fact that we are scheduled to land on Mars again this week. The Mars lander Insight is due to land on Mars today, Monday 11/26/18 at 3pm EST. We have been exploring Mars up close and personal since 1976, and there have been quite a few successful landings of spacecraft on Mars since then. Most notable was the Curiosity Rover, which landed in 2012. Of all the attempts made to land on Mars, only 40% have been successful. That is why there is the "seven minutes of terror" associated with any Mars landing. It seems it is very difficult to land on the planet, and the period of time from the moment a spacecraft hits the atmosphere until it touches down is very iffy.
But with all the Mars activity this week it seems very possible that we will be able to further our first hand knowledge of this archetype of the physical experience, and that this new exploration will take us to new levels of awareness where our bodies and the body of our planet are concerned.
All in all, it can’t be ignored that Mercury is retrograde, and so no matter what new themes come up this week, there is no moving forward, at least not in any full blown way, until the messages Mercury is revealing to us are fully ingested. Revise whatever you can now, be willing to change your mind.
A full list of each of the aspects that occurs this week is below. Please be sure to read my daily blog for more detail on these…

ASPECTS FOR THE WEEK OF 11/26 – 12/2/18

All times given are EST


MON 11/26:

SUN JUPITER NEW CYCLE: 1:34am (3 Sagittarius 56)
Mercury Albion Great Eliminator: 2:45am (6 Sagittarius/Taurus 31)
MERCURY MARS SQUARE: 3:06am (6 Sagittarius/Pisces 29)
Venus Galactic Center Resource: 3:39am (27 Libra/Sagittarius 0)
Mars Albion Resource: 3:47am (6 Pisces/Taurus 30)
CERES ALBION LIGHT BRIDGE: 2:28pm (6 Scorpio/Taurus 30)
Mercury MakeMake Resource: 6:58pm (5 Sagittarius/Libra 35)


TUE 11/27:

MERCURY (R) SUN CONJUNCTION: 4:15am (5 Sagittarius 03)
Chiron Vesta Resource: 6:33am (27 Pisces/Capricorn 57)
Mars Saturn Resource: 4:32pm (7 Pisces/Capricorn 29)
Sun MakeMake Resource: 5:07pm (5 Sagittarius/Libra 36)
MERCURY (R) JUPITER CONJUNCTION: 5:28pm (4 Sagittarius 18)


WED 11/28:

Venus Chiron Great Eliminator: 7:03am (27 Libra/Pisces 57)
Sun Albion Great Eliminator: 5:28pm (6 Sagittarius/Taurus 38)
Mercury Varuna Manifestation: 11:11pm (2 Sagittarius/Leo 39)


THU 11.29:

BLACK MOON TURNS DIRECT: 12:51am (15 Capricorn 25)
Ceres Saturn Resource: 6:43am (7 Scorpio/Capricorn 39)
Uranus Vesta Stepping Stone: 9:42pm (29 Aries/Capricorn 11)
Mercury Salacia Manifestation: 11:13pm (1 Sagittarius/ Aries 24)

FRI 11/30

VENUS URANUS BRIDGE: 9:13pm (29 Libra/Aries 09)


SAT 12/1

BLACK MOON PLUTO CONJUNCTION: 4:51am (19 Capricorn 38)
Mercury Vesta Resource: 9:14am (29 Scorpio/Capricorn 52)
BLACK MOON ERIS SQUARE: 10:33pm (23 Capricorn/Aries 07)



Mercury Uranus Great Eliminator: 5:16am (29 Scorpio/Aries 07)
Black Moon Haumea Square: 11:56am (26 Capricorn/Libra 16)
Black Moon Sedna Manifestation: 1:41pm (26 Capricorn/Taurus 42)
Chiron Earth Star Resource: 3:00pm (27 Pisces/Capricorn 55)
BLACK MOON CHIRON RESOURCE: 629pm (27 Capricorn/Pisces 55)
SUN MARS STEPPING STONE: 7:35pm (10 Sagittarius/Pisces 46)
Black Moon Mercury Resource: 9:10pm (28 Capricorn/Scorpio 36)
Black Moon Uranus Square: 11:01pm (29 Capricorn/Aries 06)


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