Jan Finley









A gifted healer and intuitive, Jan Finley’s journey has always been focused on the transformational process of healing. A Reiki Master, Karuna Master and La Ho Chi facilitator, Jan is also certified in several other healing and therapeutic modalities and is a certified practitioner of Eupsychia’s Integrative Breathwork and Psychospiritual Integration. She was a student of many notable teachers including Stephanie Azaria, Patricia Squires, Jacqueline Small, Jeremiah Abrams, Bill Green and Nathalie Marshall Nadel. Her degree in Social Work furthered her desire to serve. This degree and her subsequent experience provided a structure for the intuitive energy work that she considers one of her greatest callings.

One of Jan’s messages is this: “We cannot forget the Ascendancy of the Divine Feminine is here. Women are rising up all over the world and this is just the beginning. We have voices that have gone unheard for far too long and the words have been bottled up inside waiting for that perfect moment to rip forth and give birth to the New World. The Mind and the Heart are coming into alignment for the first time since this grand experiment began. We have great work to do and that time is now.”

Jan considers herself a Walker Between the Worlds who facilitates both the passing of the old world and the birth of the new world. She can be found on Facebook and Instagram at The Clarion’s Call: Messages to Light the Way.