Mercury Retrograde is still going full force as March begins and it is important for you to take the opportunity this is bringing you to rethink anything tied to your income or possessions now. Is there an opportunity, issue, person, or situation in the past that you can revisit, revise, rework, rewrite, release, or find renewed connection to involving your earnings or possessions? Working through any loose ends will get you to the right spot for the NEW MOON on the 11th that will highlight this exact same part of your life. From now over the next 2 weeks you have your best window of the year to launch income opportunities. If you want to involve something or someone from the past in new income potential then do so from the 11-17th and if you want a brand new opportunity or situation go after it on the 18th forward.

Mars moves into Aries on the 12th which will bring more passion, fire, action, or anger to bear on your communications, agreements, sales, vehicles, electronics, siblings, neighbors, short trips, local activities, ideas, meetings, writing, and decisions. This will amp things up and motivate you so let the passions fly but beware of how short your fuse might be when explaining your actions.

Mercury goes Direct on the 17th so you now have the green light to sign contracts, purchase vehicles or electronics and say yes to new people and opportunities. You should have a pretty clear idea about who or what stays in the past now and what goes forward with you into the future.

The Sun moves into Aries on the 20th marking the Spring Equinox and Venus follows closely behind entering Aries on the 21st. This means for the weeks ahead you will now be taking the lead and pouring more personal and physical energy into local activities, time with brothers or sisters, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, talks and meetings, writing, sales and agreements, and decision making. It’s time for you to shine and your brand, body, ego, identity, or image may be all over these talks, meetings and decisions you are making. Venus here will help smooth things out, give you more charm and help you attract more love or income through your words, writing, agreements, sales, siblings, neighbors, and all the rest.

Note that the 22nd will be a very active day when surprises and excitement play out in these areas or you get a shock or some last minute change. Again it is the words or news you hear, your agreements, sales, talks, meetings, local activities, short trips, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, or decisions that will get this amped up energy. On the off chance it is about some shock or surprise you don’t like take extra care on the roads, in cars, with words, and any objects that are sharp or around electrical or fire.

Be ready to make adjustments or adapt the 23-25th over any serious career matters, the boss, parents, an authority figure, goal, ambitions, reputation, or fame. Look at limits, endings, commitments, ambitions, and responsibilities here and then see if you can talk things out or rewrite, deal with sales, or something on the creative or love front.

The 26th will be amped up as well with more energy around writing, agreements, sales, siblings, neighbors, electronics, vehicles, short trips, local activities, talks, meetings, and decisions. Today they involve your love life, lover, child, creative project, or recreational interest and should be big. There is something challenging you behind the scenes or in secret that you should deal with.

Chiron is active the 27-29th so wounds or healing will be on the surface around your income, possessions or values. Look at Karmic balance and aim for transformation here through communicating or making decisions and dealing with a lover, child or creative project.

The FULL MOON on the 27th brings a peak for you around a legal matter, wedding, educational interest, media, marketing or publishing deal, or travel plan. This is a time when you see achievements, celebrations or endings in these areas. If you are ready to look more deeply into your own unique chart you can schedule a reading with Zoe by emailing or calling 818-613-6067.



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