June gets off to a good start right from the 2nd of the month as Venus moves into Cancer and begins to smooth things out for you on the job or with the job search, with co-workers and people you hire, any paperwork or organization, your health needs, or pets.  She will tour here through the 27th and is literally just paving the way for what is going to be the beginning of a banner year in these areas for you so look at what you would like to attract here and begin the efforts now.  You may note that love is blossoming while tending to healthy lifestyle choices, on the job or out caring for the animals, or that you are finding more ways to earn.

The final Trigger date from last month’s Solar Eclipse arrives on the 6th so if there is to be another chapter to that story it will be focused on home, real estate, moves, renovations, family, roommates, or security needs.  Things can get another push forward and it can help you with any ‘eclipsing’ out going on to do so.

Venus gets busy for you on the 7th with the job, work at hand, paperwork, co-workers, employees, health, or pets.  You should be able to earn money or find new ways to be valued, reach some higher-ups in impressive ways or cement some goal or career need, and feel in your flow.  Neptune Retrogrades today and will backtrack through November 17th.  This period will be about any shifts you are having with income, possessions, acquisitions, or values.  It’s a good time to go within, reconnect with your muse or magic and develop anything you feel needs some private time so it is ready in the fall to move forward.

The NEW MOON on the 8th is about a huge new beginning for you, the 2 week window you get this year, to launch forward in new ways or take something current to the next level and it is going to be focused on your love life, creative projects, children, or recreational interests.  Singles jump in, get out there, lovers ask what you want to create together and get busy, you may start something cool for kids or see your kids begin a new interest, or the muse may smack you on the head with a great creative vision and you are all about it.  Need to get away for fun and sun?  Now’s the time.  Today there will be an adjustment to make involving goals, career, the boss, or some other authority figure and a bit of unexpected news or change involving work, health, paperwork, or pets, so be on your toes.

Chiron is going to Retrograde on the 16th and will be shadowing Neptune’s Retrograde through Pisces between now and November 19th.  Chiron represents our wound so you may have something painful come into view now so you know what it is you will be working on during this phase to heal.  You may also see that you are now being asked to master your own inner guru to help others based on some past painful experience that gives you special insight.  This will be about being valued, income, spending, or possessions.

The 19th is a big day when you will be stepping up in some way with a creative project, lover, child, or recreational interest.  It’s about you taking the lead or standing out in some way, expanding your horizons, and there may be something lucky around legal, travel, educational, media, or wedding plans in the mix.  There is the combo of Mars poking Chiron though so you at some point will have to deal with that wound/healing over income or feeling valued.

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st marking the Summer Solstice and putting a spotlight on your work efforts, co-workers, employees, paperwork, health, and pets for the next 30 days.  You will feel more like pouring your physical or personal energy here, stepping up, getting involved, and tying in any brand or image to the mix, possibly doing something about your identity too.

The final Trigger date for last month’s Lunar Eclipse arrives on the 22nd and may bring another chapter to that story.  If so it will be about an aspiration, friend, group, the internet, astrology, charity, social event, or cause.  Things would be peaking in some achievement or ending.

The next day, the 23rd, is the FULL MOON for this month so there will be a major peak around something Karmic, that is going on behind the scenes, involves a hospital, retreat or other institution, an addiction, secret romance, magic, psychic interest, meditation, yoga, art, film, music, poetry, dance, research, investigation, or development.  This will be about reaching those highs and accomplishments or wrapping things up and endings.

The big day of the month arrives on the 25th as Jupiter moves into Cancer for the first time in over a decade and begins his tour of expansion, luck, happiness, and prosperity for you through the work place, job search, work efforts at home, organizational side of life, services your provide or procure, co-workers, employees, paperwork you sign or deal with, health interests or issues, and animal interests.  Venus and the Sun have opened the door and now Jupiter is set to give you an entire year to see growth here so set your goals HIGH.  What do you want for your health?  Do you need a raise or new job or do you want to start a business?  Can you buy a pet or get involved with a clinic or animal charity?  Is there paperwork that could be signed that would change things and who can you see for expert advice on this?

Mercury Retrogrades here on the 26th and will backtrack through July 20th so the cosmos thinks there is something from the past that needs to be revisited, released, reclaimed, or reworked before you head out strong towards new horizons.  So is there a talk or decision, something in writing or sales oriented, that you need to look at regarding work, health, paperwork, co-workers, employees, or pets?  Let things slow down and be receptive to working through issues or opportunities that are still there so you are ready to move ahead in July.  As with all Mercury Retrogrades try to hold off on signing new agreements or purchasing new electronics or vehicles if doing so won’t hurt your circumstances but you are ok to go forward if the agreements or purchases are from the past coming back around.

The last energy shift of the month arrives on the 27th with Venus moving into Leo where she will tour through July 22nd.  Here she begins to smooth things out with partners, agents, attorneys, clients, competitors, opponents, specialists, and any other key relationships.  She will help you attract love or income more easily through or with these people now so reach out.  For those of you that would enjoy a more fine-tuned look into your own unique birth chart, you can email Zoe for rates and dates here zoemoonastrology@gmail.com



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