August is looking like a very key relationship month for you Aquarius! This may mean a big focus on your romantic partnership or making it all about your business partners, it could hone you in on important relationships with agents, attorneys or specialists, be a month for building your client base, or help you get a handle on the competition. This kicks off in earnest from the New Moon on the 6th and you will be riding a wave with these people through the next couple weeks that can set you on the course you wish to go in the year ahead so connect while the energy is hot!

Two days stand out as more energy pours into these relational areas and they are the 8th and the 27th. On the 8th Mercury moves here so you may meet someone new now or set up a meeting between now and the 23rd that holds promise. It will bring offers or sales into the equation, writing and agreements open up, you may be making more short trips or getting more involved locally, or there could be a proposal or pitch that takes things into new territory. It is also possible that a brother, sister or neighbor becomes key in your relationship potential or that what you do about your transportation or electronics aids in the pursuit. Mars moves in on the 27th so from here forward you have more mojo, passion, action, anger, and motivation with these relationships. This will kick things up a notch and drive things forward. A younger male may enter the picture who is significant.

The other area of influence for you this month will be in your deepest part of the chart and will really kick in the last week of August. Here you will find more is going on with a loan, inheritance, settlement, bankruptcy, insurance premium, tax situation, investment, alimony or child support situation, commissions, royalties, or other outside resource. This week will also amp up energy around your sex life, divorce proceedings or reproductive needs if these areas are of interest to you now. The Sun moves here on the 22nd followed by Mercury on the 23rd so all in all you will be putting more personal touches, getting more physically involved, having your identity affected, dealing with agreements, meetings, talks, writing, sales, and offers related to these topics, and coming to some decisions now.

Three days will be important between you and another person over these financial, sexual or divorce matters. They are on the 1st, 25th and 29th. On these 3 days you will need to be gentle with any wounds that may surface, do what you can to find healing, let Karmic matters settle or seek balance, and do what you can to let your inspiration or intuition guide you. A key to these days is in how you value yourself so look at your earnings, possessions, acquisitions, and values. If you are dealing with an enlightened individual on these days you may find ways to earn doing something spiritual or artistic, pulling on that guru or mystical energy.

Venus moves into Libra on the 16th where she will help to smooth out any legal matters, travel plans, educational pursuits, wedding plans, media, marketing or publishing interests, or adventurous pursuits. She will bring more joy here, help you attract love or income through these realms and may introduce a woman onto the scene that is beneficial to your aims here. It’s a good time to reach out to others to connect as a team to do these things.

There are 2 big Jupiter days this month when things will feel larger or be more expansive and they fall on the 7th and 21st. The 7th will be about you and another person regarding the job, paperwork, health interest, or animals. You will be experiencing some powerful transformation or change, rebirthing to a higher plateau, and you may need to access your beliefs or allow for this growth in the balance of evolution. The 21st will again put a focus on work, health, paperwork, or animals but today there will be energy around the money, possessions or acquisitions in the mix, any healing of wounds, and some last minute change or surprise involving news, offers, sales, agreements, writing, short trips, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, or decisions in the mix.

The Full Moon on the 20th is in your sign, the second of 2 Full Moon’s in Aquarius, so you are ready for the final high point that arrives now. This has everything to do with who you are, your name or identity, your body or image, your brand or personal goals and desires. Look at what comes through or wraps up, is achieved, celebrated or ends now, as part of this grand awakening that is pushing you to further define yourself in some unique new way. Your independence and originality is sacred on some level, choose your vision for yourself and trust it.

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