If you’ve wondered when the loan might come through or the inheritance might be settled, when the insurance or tax matters might be taken in hand or the commission check will arrive in the mail, July gets your major financial matters up and moving forward again as of the 8th.  This also will include investments, payouts, bankruptcy, credit issues, your partner’s money, and any other outside resource you’ve been stagnant on.  Saturn’s move forward will also begin to move you ahead slowly and seriously when it comes to your sex life, sexual issues, reproductive needs, or divorce.  Remember as you start to work on endings, limits, commitments, ambitions, and deal with authority figures in these realms that Saturn is asking you master some new level of maturity and leadership here by staying disciplined and consistent, working with third party situations, and taking the lead.

The same day Saturn starts committing you to these financial, sexual or divorce matters again, you have the NEW MOON in Cancer!  This is the beginning of a very important month for you when it comes to your roots in life.  You are entering one of the biggest growth years of your life for what is about to occur with your home, a move, real estate deals, renovations,  property matters, family, a parent, roommates, or your security needs.  This New Moon marks your best 2 week window to launch forward in these areas or take things to the next level.  You could have someone move in bringing more happiness or helping with your financial bottom line or a roommate could move out opening up your space and giving you more energy.  It could be the perfect time to put your house back up on the market or to go back to that property you had your eye on before and consider it again.  Since Mercury is Retrograde in the same area as the New Moon your best bets moving forward may involve something from the past.  Have you ever thought of being a property manager or getting into interior design?  Did you want to have a remodel, move to a better place or start some project with your family?  Now’s the time.

If you are slacking here the cosmos seems to goose you a bit on the 13th as your ruling planet, Mars, moves into home, real estate, family, parents, roommates, renovations, and security needs.  The next weeks this will give you more mojo to make things happen here.  It may also stir passions on the home front or with family or roommates, elevate anger over topics in these domains or spur your fighting spirit so you can do what needs doing.  You very well may have a younger male show up on the scene that helps get the ball rolling.  Mars in Cancer is not the happiest Mars energy because Cancer is the sign of emotions so know that although you will achieve a great deal now you will have to take care of your emotional boiling point and note that if you are feeling run down or under the weather at all that it is possible your emotions are fueling some of this and then deal with it appropriately.  In other words, if you find yourself getting angry because someone is not tending to your emotional needs or has left their socks on the floor of your home, etc, stop and remind yourself that, yes, my Mars is in needy Cancer right now, I need to take a deep breath.

Uranus Retrogrades on the 17th giving you a bit of a breather over the next months from all the unpredictable stuff that has been affecting your body, identity, brand, image, or personal needs.  If you have some master plan to reinvent yourself, this period will give you the space to do more inner work or catch up to the current changes enough so you are ready to go back out there with inventive new directions come in mid-December or shortly thereafter.

The GRAND TRINE that is so positively affecting your summer perfects between the 17th and 20th.  This is a wonderful period for you to bring things together in the home, with moves, renovations, real estate deals, family, roommates, a parent, your security needs and any legal, travel, educational, media, or wedding plans you may have tied to this.  It involves major financially shared interests, divorce or your sex life in serious and solid ways through commitments or endings.  It also brings Karmic or Fated moments, much positive inspiration from what you are doing behind the scenes, through romantic ideals, spiritual pathways, artistic projects, dealings with hospitals, research, and development.

MERCURY goes DIRECT on the 20th.  This is good news when it comes to agreements, decisions, offers, sales, meetings, writing, talks, offers, siblings, neighbors, electronics, vehicles, and how any of this is affecting home, real estate, moves, family, a parent, roommates, or your security.  However, on the day of the shift you may have some mix-ups or glitches so take care today.  You are now ready to make your choices and see things move ahead again.

The 22nd is bound to be a powerful day for everyone with 2 planets changing signs, the Mars/Jupiter conjunction and a FULL MOON in Aquarius!  Let’s talk about the Full Moon first.  This is bringing something to a head involving an aspiration, friendship, group, the internet, astrology, a social function/party/event, or a charity.  Expect to be celebrating, marking achievements or wrapping things up/noting endings.

Venus in Virgo makes your love or income needs more discriminating, picky or detail oriented.  It means that things will smooth out now on the job, around health matters or pets, or you may have a woman that comes along and is beneficial to you in these areas.  The Sun moving into Leo puts a spotlight on what you do in the name of love, with kids or in creative realms over the next 30 days.  This is great for you to take the lead, pour more personal touches or physical efforts into having fun, expressing love or being creative.  The Mars/Jupiter union will set something in motion in a big way at home, with a move, real estate deals, property matters, renovations, roommates, family, or a parent.

Venus is active on the 26th so you can expect to see work, paperwork, health, co-workers, employees, or pets highlighted today.  This may bring earnings to a peak or love into the picture.  It will put you one on one with someone in some behind the scenes manner and help you get serious about the sexual attraction, divorce or financial arena.

The last few days of the month are going to put you in over-drive so plan on it.  Mars will be amping it up with the Uranus/Pluto square so action is the name of the game and for you it will be over what is happening in the home, over a move, with real estate deals, property concerns, family, a parent, or a roommate.  Things are changing on a deep level so you may have someone exiting the scene, a sudden need to take action, last minute changes, or the need to make a big push in one or more of these arenas.  The period is between the 27th and 31st but you may get wind of what is coming during the Mars/Jupiter conjunction on the 22nd.  Give yourself plenty of leeway at month’s end to jump in.  If you have reached the point where you want to know how all this is affecting your unique energy patterns in your birth chart and what that means for your opportunities and overcoming obstacles, you can email Zoe to get rates and dates for a private reading at zoemoonastrology@gmail.com



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