Let April open you to the potential it holds in the first week Aries. You can achieve some goals and make headway through social networking, friends, groups, the internet, or authority figures if you put in the efforts.

Your ruler, Mars, will embrace Venus late on the 6th/early on the 7th in your sign so you should note this weekend period on your calendar as a special time for love, passion or income. Expect that at least some of your needs are going to be met now and you may have one of those events that leaves you breathless.

The New Moon on the 10th is your starting gun to boldly move ahead on anything you hold dear to your heart. This is your New Moon, it gifts you with more personal and physical power to make things happen and you have 2 golden weeks to set things in motion that will then have the potential to carry you through much of the year ahead. See if there is anything you would like to do to promote your brand, get your body into shape or care for any physical ailments, update your image, or move towards an identity that better suits you now. Your passions should be back on track and picking up steam as the month progresses and others will likely notice.

Pluto Retrogrades on the 12th and will backtrack from now through September 20th. This will be a period when things ease up a bit with authority figures, career matters, goals, and reputation but an important time to go back over details here, put things together that involve your finances, power structure, or third party situations going on. You may notice a shift with a boss, parent, judge, or other authority figure now or past ambitions or status matters reappear or shift as well. If you have set your goals on divorce or some sexual need then this period will as well ease up on the heavy stuff here but allow for the past influences to be dealt with.

Saturn inconjuncts Uranus on the 12th as well so when it comes to this energy pattern it is saying you need to take your cue from the universe and adjust in some way to what is being limited or begging for more responsibility or ambition with your finances, sex life, divorce, a life and death matter, triangle, or control issue. Something about YOU is changing or needs to change, adapt.

Mercury moves into your sign on the 13th bringing the news or offer you were waiting on, more meetings or talks, agreements or writing, sales or short trips, and lots more decisions and ideas in the weeks ahead. You will likely get notes on this today. This placement gives your words way more fire so expect your passions or angers to be funneled through your conversations or pen. This may help you tip the scales in some situations but you should guard against it rubbing people the wrong way at times, be conscious of it for the best results.

Venus moves into Taurus where her heart sings on the 15th. This is a happy place for Venus and in your chart she is going to help you to earn money, deal more easily with possessions or acquisitions and find ways to feel valued. A woman may help you during this period to earn money. As far as your love life goes, Venus here will bring more feelings of value into the relationship or if single she may help you find love while earning your living.

The Sun moves into Taurus on the 19th to add his light to your income endeavors. He illuminates this placement for the next 30 days putting a spotlight on you and helping you to stand out, pour more personal and physical energy into goals here, and really get out there and begin building on something. With the Sun here you can integrate your image, brand or identity with earning potential as well as make your presence known. Today Mercury adjusts to Saturn so you may get news or answers about what came up on the 12th or you will be adapting information and decisions over financial matters, your sex life, divorce, reproductive needs, or a life and death matter.

Your ruling energy, Mars, moves into Taurus on the 20th and your energy will ground a bit. This is going to add more motivation behind making money or dealing with possessions. Your passions and anger will be directed to income and possessions as well, stirring you to make things happen. This is not the only energy active today!

Mercury meets up with Uranus on the 20th and then squares Pluto on the 21st so these two days will also be about news, information, talks, writing, agreements, sales, and decisions that spark all kinds of change and push you over goals, authority figures, career, reputation, fame, or achievements. Squares can bring motivation or they can frustrate you so know that going in and remember Uranus will urge you to say things differently or take a new tact when dealing with agreements, sales or offers today.

The FULL MOON on the 25th is a LUNAR ECLIPSE. This means it’s big and intense, has more finality and moves you on a deeper level. You may have events related to today’s events on March 28th or May 22nd so note what these days bring. Today this is a situation culminating with a big ending or something being achieved or celebratory. In Scorpio it means that a loan, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlement, insurance matter, tax situation, commission, royalty, alimony or child support payment, investment, partner’s money, sexual attraction or issue, divorce, or life and death issue, will be the focus for you. There is potential to deeply transform or empower with this Moon however you do want to take care around anyone that is volatile. Wanna go deeper? The best way to understand your own potential and where the obstacles and opportunities await you up ahead is a personal reading into your unique birth chart. To inquire about dates or rates for a private reading with Zoe email zoemoonastrology@gmail.com



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