Your sign has been going through some of the most intense changes of the zodiac thanks to the Grand Cross forming with your sign and this month is when you will see a major shift occur that is part of the journey of depositing you in your new version of yourself up ahead, it’s going to be intense and exciting, so get ready. On the 4th is the NEW MOON in Libra and a huge push for you to do something different via a partner, specialist, client, attorney, agent, or other key person. This is activating the Grand Cross and pushing for something personal, physical, about your identity, personal goals, body, name, or brand, and will have some powerful affect on your home, family, move, renovation, legal interests, educational pursuit, media interest, wedding plan, travel plan, and the financial situation, divorce, reproductive matter, or career need. Yep, like I said, Aries is getting hit in many areas of life right now and this opens a 2 week window that is set to push you forward through this other person so propel the change with your typical fighting spirit and trust in the universe.

There is an adjustment required on the 5th involving those financial, sexual, reproductive, or divorce issues so be willing to work on it from a new angle if you can and if you find you are being asked to reschedule or rework something due to financial limitations then do your best to adapt in the moment knowing this is going to continue to morph up ahead.

A woman may arrive on the scene who can help you legally or through a visit or trip, educational matter, media, publicity, marketing, publishing, or wedding need on the 7th. From this day through the rest of the month you will find your love life or income is focused more in these arenas and that you should be able to work things out with a little charm and less effort. There will be 2 days that are exceptions to this and they fall on the 10th and 16th when you will have to deal with an institution such as a hospital or retreat, do your research, get hit with something out of the blue that you weren’t expecting, work through some confusion or fog, deal with disillusionment, addictions or feeling isolated, or have something a bit whack around film, music, art, meditation, yoga, research, or development.

Your ruler, Mars, will move into Virgo on the 15th to amp up the volume around health matters, work, paperwork, and pets. The rest of the month he will be giving you a boost of energy to tackle what is going on here or to motivate you to get more physically active over these themes. A younger male may show up that is beneficial to your health or job, or he may be able to spur you on with the animals or paperwork. The 19th and 31st are set to be big days when it comes to the job, paperwork, health, or animals. The 19th when you are one-on-one with someone in a healing or research capacity, helping you to realign to your artistic, spiritual or physical best, or when there is some confusion or deception in the mix that needs to be worked through. It may be a day to deal with hospitals or other institutions or face bad habits or addictions as well. The 31st will help you to work on the same topics but make powerful changes.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE arrives on the 18th brings something going on with your body, image, brand, name, or personal goals to a head. You may see things wrapping up as issues resolve or you may be celebrating some achievement. As with any Eclipse, something is being ‘eclipsed’ out to make way for this high point to occur so release bad habits, illness, outworn looks, wardrobe, or any other form of personal identity to achieve the reinvention of you!

Mercury Retrogrades on the 21st and will take you on a backtracking journey over the next 3 plus weeks regarding financial matters, divorce, sex, reproductive matters, or control issues. You can revisit people or situations, see what you wish to rework and what you are ready to release. Note that agreements, sales, writing, talks, meetings, offers, and decisions around these themes are in a temporary direction so take your time sifting through but try to hold off on new moves until Mercury goes Direct November 10th.

The Sun will move into the same territory Mercury is Retrograding in on the 23rd and will travel through Scorpio for the next 30 days so you will be getting more personally or physically involved in the sex life, reproductive matters, financial situation, divorce, or third party situations. Do your part to take the lead and tend to being present in the situation. Again, your name or body is key here.

Pluto and Chiron open up together on the 28th which is a day of deep transformation and potential to expose wounds for healing. Your goals, status, career, involvement with authority figures, hospitals, the arts, spiritual practices, private time for romance, research, investigations, or retreat will be where this springs up for you. Work on evolving the situation. For a more in-depth look at your unique patterns in play you can schedule a private reading with Zoe by emailing for rates and dates at



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