You’ve had a lot on your mind what with Mercury backtracking through your sign in July but August sets you free and puts you into a money-making cycle that should really get you going. It’s a creative phase when you have more energy to bring something to life that will earn you income or you may focus on earning from work involving children or focused on love! This begins in full on the 6th with the New Moon and will give you a power window of 2 weeks where you can land new income producing opportunities or take your current ones to the next level. Besides making money this period bolsters your abilities to handle possessions or make acquisitions so if a big purchase is on the slate, your timing is grand or if you need to make choices on the home, car, ring, or other object in question, ditto, be proactive.

Two days this month will stand out as new energies arrive in this territory so note that the 8th and 27th will hold some promise for you. On the 8th Mercury enters this zone so you may get an offer or make a sale, get things in writing or sign agreements, negotiate terms or pitch ideas, get that meeting or make a decision. If you need electronics or vehicles to help you earn or they are part of the acquisition then Mercury will bring that along. Mercury is in this part of the chart until the 23rd so focus in on those talks and decisions now. Mars enters on the 27th so from here on in you have more action going on. A younger male may enter the picture who furthers what you are doing to make money or deal with acquisitions or you may see passion kick up or anger issues in need of resolution coming up now. This is great motivating energy so expect to be busy!

The other major focus this month will be in your third house of communications and ideas. This will really get into high gear the last week of August but you will get an inkling from the beginning of the month what direction you will be going in. The Sun moves into this zone on the 22nd followed by Mercury on the 23rd so you will be pouring more personal and physical energy as well as thoughts into what goes down. This area may mean you will be more involved with a brother or sister, it may bring about more local activity or short trips, put your vehicles or electronics front and center for attention, get you writing, bring the sales or agreements to the foreground, or amp up ideas, talks, meetings, and decisions. It’s likely that work, health and paperwork will drive a lot of this for you and that attention to detail will be the key to success. Note that 3 days stand out when you will be one-on-one with someone over some or all of this. These days fall on the 1st, 25th and 29th and will bring any legal, travel, educational, wedding, media, marketing, or publishing interests to bear. Look for balance, face any wounds and listen to your inner voice since Karmic alignment is in play.

Venus changes signs moving into Libra on the 16th and bringing some love or income opportunities to the home base. This will smooth things out at home or over real estate, family needs, the parent, roommate, move, renovation, or security needs during the weeks ahead and will help you to attract love here or open up some easy money flow around these themes. A woman may arrive on the scene that is beneficial to your aims here as well. Note that there is one period where things are going to get intense and that falls on the 23rd/24th when Venus will tangle with Pluto. This can go two ways, it may just bring about powerful, deep sexual/love energy with a partner at home that transforms you in some way (this would be the best case scenario), or it can bring up jealousy, obsession, manipulation, control issues, or third party situations that play out with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, or other relationship involving home, real estate, family, a parent, roommate, move, or renovation and key in on the intimacy, divorce or financial picture/matter. If you feel like you are in a quagmire and going down at this point just breathe and stand back, don’t get pulled into something dark, take a time out and get past this energy for better perspective.

There are two important days this month that are going to be defining for you personally or physically. They may be days when your body and health are important or when you are working on your image or brand, or it could be when your name or identity is in the mix or you are pursuing some personal goal in an important manner. The first day arrives on the 7th and will put you one-on-one with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, opponent, advocate, or other key person. This is about something big in the mix for you and the other person’s power or control in the situation and ability to represent intimacy or some financial outcome for you. The next day is the 21st when your needs will be aligning with legal channels, weddings, higher education, media, marketing, publishing, travel, foreign interests, import/export, politics, or religion. There is something of a healing of a wound or stepping into your mystical self in this one as well as a sudden change in direction or surprise involving a boss, parent, judge, goal, ambition, or your career. You know what is right for you, you know what you believe in.

The FULL MOON arrives on the 20th and will bring a major climax for you with a big financial matter. This may be a loan coming through or being paid off, an investment wrapping up or showing interest, a settlement arriving, an end to the bankruptcy or inheritance issue, the alimony or child support running its course or coming in, the insurance or tax situation climaxing, your commission check or royalty payment in the mail, a partner’s money hitting a high point, a debt paid off, or some other outside resource that climaxes at this point. There is something freeing at this time when aspirations peak with the financial culmination. The other areas of peak Full Moon energy for you involve your sex life, reproductive life, a death, or divorce. You may see things reach a high point as things finalize or celebrate something happening that makes you feel good about the situation tied to these themes now as well. There is a higher vibration at work, drawing things in the direction that they are meant to go now so trust the process and be willing to follow your own drum.

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