October is not for sissies and by that I mean it is going to be uber active and dynamic, and for you it starts on the 4th with a NEW MOON in your home and family arena. This is a powerful 2 week window opening up when you can take steps to give yourself a fresh start by what you do in the home, with real estate deals, moves, renovations, remodels, family, parents, roommates, your history, or security needs. Not only is this about New Moon energy propelling you forward but this particular Moon is combining with a Grand Cross that will magnify it and thread in goals, career, parents, bosses, partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, and your own participation. It’s time to get it in gear, launch new initiatives and take things to the next level.

A big adjustment moves into place by the 5th that will mean serious commitments or endings involving your love life, kids, creative projects, or recreational interests, adjusting to sudden changes, inspirations or directions involving goals, career, parents, bosses, judges, or other authority figures. Pay attention to what comes up now regarding that lover, kid, creative project, or need for fun since the upcoming Mercury Retrograde is bound to take you back over this territory.

Venus enters a new love/money cycle on the 7th and will carry you through in this new field the rest of the month. This is opening up your potential to attract the love or money you need or to smooth things over through what you do on the job, in search of work, with co-workers or people you hire, paperwork, health pursuits, and pets. You should get more enjoyment out of these areas now and women may benefit your aims here. There are 2 days that may bring up challenges or more inspiration and they fall on the 10th and 16th when a trip or visitor, legal matter, wedding, educational pursuit, media, marketing or publishing deal, or something religious or political will come into play.

Mars also enters new territory on the 15th and here he is going to bring more action, passion and fighting spirit to your talks, ideas, offers, sales, agreements, writing, short trips, local activities, siblings, neighbors, dealings with vehicles or electronics, and decisions. It’s a fired up idea time when words flow with conviction and it should help you knock down some doors and move forward. Critical thinking and details will aid you. There are 2 days that stand out when you will be involved with someone else over some of this and they fall on the 19th and 31st. Expect that any of those legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, publishing, wedding, or religious needs to be what it’s about. Trust your intuition and the events playing out as there is something somewhat meant to be occurring.

The FULL MOON on the 18th is a major culmination around your career, a personal goal, achievement, boss, parent, judge, or other authority figure, your status, reputation, fame, or ambitions. This is when things peak in celebrations, come through, wrap up, or end. It is so powerful because it is a LUNAR ECLIPSE so something is being ‘eclipsed’ out as you reach this summit.

Mercury entered his shadow on the 1st so you may have began to feel the slow downs or mix-ups from the beginning of the month but now on the 21st Mercury Retrogrades and you are officially in this backtracking cycle between now and November 10th. This Retrograde is taking you back over past love interests or issues, topics involving children, creative projects, or recreational needs. You want to take the time to revisit the past, rework, revise, reclaim, or release by looking at talks, meetings, agreements, sales, offers, proposals, or decisions in these areas or with these people. It’s ok to make agreements or purchase mechanical or electronic gear associated with these past matters during the cycle but better to hold off on important decisions with new people or opportunities until afterward if you can wait without hurting your chances. The Sun follows into this zone on the 23rd and will remain here for the next 30 days so you will be more physically and personally involved in your love life, with lovers, kids, creative ventures, and fun. This may involve your name, brand, identity, or image as well.

There is one last big aspect on the 28th between Pluto and Chiron so you will have an opportunity to look at any wounds and healing around legal matters, travel, education, media, marketing, publishing, weddings, or beliefs and then evolve the situation or transform it through partners, reps, specialists, clients, dealing with opponents, or other key relationships. It’s a deep combination that allows you to embrace your inner guru. For a more in-depth look at your unique patterns in play you can schedule a private reading with Zoe by emailing for rates and dates at zoemoonastrology@gmail.com



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