March starts out with a big energy shift for you Cancer and it begins with the NEW MOON on the 1st opening up new horizons or helping you to find ways to take things to the next level in legal arenas, with travel plans, foreign interests, media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, publicity, educational pursuits, or wedding plans. You have 2 strong weeks to work these topics so be proactive. The more you seed now, the better the rest of the year will unfold in these areas.

Mars Retrogrades on the 1st, putting the brakes on new ventures with home, real estate, family, parents, roommates, renovations, or moves, while pushing you to go back and revisit past activity or to do something about a matter already underway here. It is important to ask yourself what still needs doing, if there was something you wanted to do but haven’t yet, and if there is any passion, anger or motivation that you need to give a kick to over these themes so that by the end of this Retrograde, on May 19th, you are ready to move into new territory.

Saturn Retrogrades on the 2nd, see why I say there is so much shift right from the start of the month?! Saturn is the energy that has been testing you or adding responsibilities around love, lovers, kids, creative projects, or recreational needs. Now you will see these tests and responsibilities ease a bit while being asked to go back to any past issues, opportunities, commitments, endings, limits, losses, or ambitions in these matters and to structure/restructure the matters so that you are on solid footing once this energy moves ahead again. Saturn will go Direct on July 20th so you have that long to get it right. Is there some big financial matter to be dealt with involving these people or situations? Is there a mortality issue, birth, divorce, intimate need, or third party matter in the mix that you need to lock down? Cement things one way or the other, there will be one last mini do-over between June-July 2015 and then you are set on the road you will travel for the next 29 years, so what’s it to be?

Venus moves into quirky Aquarius on the 5th putting your needs for love, income or with women into deeper territory. Now you will want some freedom to deal with sexual needs, face divorce issues or smooth out any loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, commissions, settlements, investments, or partner’s money flow in the mix. Although these are more intense settings for these themes, the Aquarian vibe should help you shake things up and infuse some excitement or change into the areas most needed.

Jupiter goes Direct on the 6th after months of slowing things down for you personally or physically. You are on an important track for self-evolution, more personal growth, happiness, and prosperity, and from now through July 16th you will get the biggest boost in over 12 years to make something happen involving you, your needs, body, image, brand, identity, name, title, or individuality. What do you want? Look now at things moving forward for you through legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, or wedding venues. Look at how you can secure your place in the larger scheme by showing up or putting your name to something. Look at how the growth at home, with family, parents, moves, renovations, real estate, or roommates is supporting this situation. You can get the ball rolling again, you have just a few short months, make them count.

The FULL MOON on the 16th brings a climax to an agreement, sale, your writing, a speaking role, talk, meeting, offer, proposal, short trip, local activity, or with something involving a brother, sister, neighbor, vehicle, or the electronics. This is when things peak, wrap up, end, or when you see things come through and celebrate achievements. To that end, work towards what you want here as the week progresses.

Mercury moves into your New Moon arena of legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, and wedding topics on the 17th so thoughts now turn to these matters more fully. You may now start to get those offers, sign agreements, write, speak, land your meetings, field proposals, make sales, and get out there to make it happen.

The Sun moves into Aries on the 20th and puts a spotlight on your career, reputation, fame, personal goals, and dealings with authority figures like the boss, parent or judge. For the next 30 days you will be stepping up here, taking on more leadership, letting your light shine, and putting more personal and physical energy into what you are doing. Your name, brand or image may also naturally gravitate to these themes. The NEW MOON on the 30th is in the same arenas so this amps up the volume and gives you 2 weeks from now to move into new territory or take things to the next level, how can you make it count?

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