Well now, Cappie, the month ahead is yours, so truly you should be focusing in on your gorgeous self. Spend some time on your body, join the gym, hire the trainer, get to the doctor, eat better. Look at your brand or image, can you develop this more, spark it up, get serious about how you are presenting yourself to the world? What about your identity, are you happy with your current ‘title’? Can you put some things in motion to fix that or improve upon it? This is what you should be doing along with amping up your personal goals. Mark the 6th when you may either hear news or get an invitation, have a talk or meeting, begin writing, sign an agreement, make a sale or get into sales, or make a decision that puts you and your interests into the mix in favorable ways with emerging aspirations, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities.

There will be a big energy push on the 7th to make money and you may have lots of motivation or find that you are expressing more passion, anger or frustration. The reason is that there is a square with Mars to Saturn. Mars wants it to happen now but Saturn is pointing out any limits, commitments, endings, responsibilities, or ambitions with the friend, group, internet, astrology, charity, or aspiration. You should pay attention to any slow-downs or serious interests here and find ways to work through this.

Back to YOU! The 8th and 11th will be important dates as they will mark turning points with the energy around you and your body, image, identity, brand, and goals. The 8th is important because Venus moves into your sign on this day and with her comes her charms, attracting abilities and the energy to smooth things out. She kicks off a new LOVE CYCLE here which bodes very well for a new layer to your current love life or a new lover in the picture for single Caps. If you are single, get out there, the goddess of Love in your sign makes you the magnet now so all you have to do is smile and engage, if cupid is meant to find you at this moment in your life, this is going to be one of those golden times. Venus also has a say in personal income so while she tours your sign over the next weeks you will find you can attract income more easily as well. The only down side to Venus in your sign is she can make you feel like, muh, why bother, feed me bonbons. So, as long as you give a little push, you should be fine.

The 11th marks the NEW MOON in your sign and your best 2 week window to launch! This means start the brand now, push it out there or take your current brand to the next level, get your new work-out routine, trainer, diet plan, or gym membership together, see your doctor, consult with a nutritionist, get a stylist, buy the new wardrobe, get a make-over, try a new hairstyle, or look at your current identity, do you want to be single, married, a student, employee, boss, what identity suits you now? Move on it in some way.

Two energies change signs on the 19th so you should feel your thoughts turning to income and possessions now and in the weeks ahead. You will be pouring more personal and physical energy into making money. There will be more meetings, talks, sales, agreements, merchant interests, short trips, local activities, writing, pitches, and ideas that put you out there making money or in pursuit of income. You may hear news today that gives you a hint of how this is going to play out or you may make a decision right off the bat that gets you moving in the right direction.

The FULL MOON on the 26th is bringing a peak for you in a deeply powerful part of your chart. This one looks very lucky or expansive so here is what to look for: A loan coming through or wrapping up, a settlement or insurance policy paying out, taxes wrapping up, an inheritance or bankruptcy culminating, alimony or child support payments decided, ended or showing up, a big commission or royalty, a partner’s money hitting a high point, the divorce ending or celebrating some achievement here, your sex life hitting a high point or ending with someone, a sexual issue ending, a reproductive need reached or reproductive cycle ending, a death, birth, or a triangle or power play hitting it’s zenith. Jupiter accompanies this peak so something will favor you or help you grow, find happiness or prosper from what climaxes now.

Jupiter has been Retrograde since Oct. 4th and so you have either slowed down, seen a retreat, releasing stage, or you’ve been tweeking things in your work life, with paperwork, health, or pets. Now, on the 30th, Jupiter goes Direct and you are ready again to move ahead in these areas. From now through June 25th you get your biggest growth cycle of 12 years here so look for the job, move to the next level at the job you’re at, start your own business or get into another kind of job, hire people to work for you or get new co-workers, get your paperwork all together and filed or out the door, organize, clean out or clear out, do everything you can for your health, now, adopt a pet or get involved with animals, it’s going to lead to more happiness or prosperity or help you grow in spirit, all good. The only challenge you have today is that as Jupiter makes this lucky shift there is a Sun/Saturn square. This will point out any limits, responsibilities, commitments, or endings you need to look at around aspirations, friends, groups, the internet, events, or charities and then see where you are in the mix with your personal income and where you want to be. Get real about what you need to do. A look into the year ahead or into the heart of your chart is available via a private reading with Zoe. If you are ready to look deeper and want answers to what is going on around you now, you can write to schedule a reading or inquire about the process of setting one up zoemoonastrology@gmail.com



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