The NEW MOON on the 2nd is your opportunity to escape, retreat, rest, recharge your batteries, delve into some artistic project or romantic getaway, reinvest in your spiritual practices, move things along at a hospital, deal with an addiction, or work on developing a project. You have 2 powerful weeks to launch in new directions or take things to the next level. Mercury joins in on the 4th and works his magic through the 24th which means you can hear offers, take meetings, deal with agreements, sales, writing, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, or make decisions during this period aimed at these topics.

Mars moves into Libra on the 7th and instead of touring here for his usual 6 plus weeks he is about to stay for 8 months. That means things are about to get very busy for you on the career front, with a major personal goal, over achievements or recognition, fame or reputation, with the boss, parent or judge, and with your leadership and responsibilities. Mars is bringing the action, he will also amp up passion playing out over these themes and stir in ways to work out anger that may be beneath the surface if there is any there. Note that the 25th and 27th will amp this up with the 25th bringing any changes or surprise via another person over home, real estate, moves, renovations, roommates, family, or a parent to bear, while the 27th will bring adjustments around agreements, sales, offers, talks, meetings, writing, or decisions.

The FULL MOON on the 17th is about a peak period involving your job, work you are doing elsewhere, paperwork, organizing, cleaning, people you hire, people you work with, health concerns or interests, or the pets. This is when things come through, wrap up, end, or are celebrated in these matters. Uranus goes Direct today after months in Retrograde so there will be a shift around the changes or new perspectives tied to home, real estate, family, parents, roommates, moves, renovations, or security needs. You should find you are moving ahead on original concepts or innovative ideas here now.

The Sun moves into your sign on the 21st marking the Winter Solstice and kicking off a 30 day cycle that will put your needs out there more, get you more physical about your body, brand or identity, and ask that you take a more personal approach to what you want. The spotlight is on you so take the lead with confidence. Venus Retrogrades on the same day also in your sign so there is something about love, a woman or making money tied to the past that you need to reclaim, release, rework, or revisit during the weeks ahead. This will help you with your personal goals so work on getting it right.

Mercury enters your sign on the 24th so over the weeks ahead he is with the Sun and Venus doing what he can to open up communications and decisions tied to your needs, body, image, brand, name, or identity. Note the ideas you come up with now, they may serve you well. The 29th – 31st will amp this up with surprises or changes involving home, real estate, family, a parent, roommate, move, or renovation, wounds or healing through words, decisions, agreements, sales, siblings, vehicles, electronics, or neighbors, and the actions you take on the career front, with a goal, parent, boss, judge, or other authority figure.



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