Part of what you are thinking about or strategizing on as the month of May opens will be under wraps or overtly covert. This focus on imaginative ideas, secrets, clandestine romance, projects in development, investigations, research, art, film, music, spiritual pursuits, institutions, addictions, or Karmic ties will get an added boost with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 9th when you will have a very powerful window to launch in new directions or take things to the next level. Do what you can from the 1st of the month to write, talk, meet, deal with agreements and sales, take short trips or get out there locally, over these subjects so you are ready to move at the New Moon.

Mars and Saturn oppose on the 1st as well so you will be dealing one on one with someone over one or more of these subjects and the paperwork, job to be done, health concerns, or animal needs. This should be serious and about long term commitments or endings, something structured or where the limits or ambitions are to be found.

Venus moves into your sign on the 9th where she will pour her charms upon you and christen you with added charm and beauty, at least others will tend to react to you as if you have more! This placement is good for you when it comes to your image, taking photos, getting make-overs, purchasing nice things for yourself, loading up the charm and going for what you want, putting the brand out there in ways that earns you money, and attracting the love through soft and sweet efforts on your part.

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE arrives on the 9th as well so you now have a very powerful 2 week window to start that new art project, film, music pursuit, take up meditation or a yoga class, take your psychic or magical abilities to the next level, launch something with the hospital, prison, retreat, or other institution, tackle the addiction, get your research out there or going, start the investigation, plug into the muse, or get away for some romance in a quiet place with the one you desire. Eclipsing something out to make way for the new beginning is likely so let go of bad habits or outworn modes of operation and go for something new.

Mercury moves into your sign on the 15th which gives you even more ability to talk the spots off the leopards out there. This placement amps up communication and transportation, offers, sales, writing, and decisions, and in your sign will be focused on you, your needs, body, brand, image, identity, or personal goals. Mercury will speed through this arena between now and the 31st so if you need to ask for something or make a choice start the conversation going now. If you’ve been waiting on an offer to come through or news that pertains to you it may arrive during this period.

The 3rd of 7 Uranus/Pluto squares forms on the 20th and marks another in an ongoing serious of major changes, purges, upheavals, and transformations for you that started in June of 2012 and ends in March of 2015. Uranus is trying to get you to free yourself, break out, awaken, and express originality through or involving friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, social networking or events, and aspirations. Pluto is pushing for upheaval and dealing with triangles and authority figures over major financial matters, death, divorce, or your sex life. Expect to note where you are in the process and what you may be ready to do at this juncture as you evolve along the 3 year cycle.

Mercury squares Chiron on the 21st which will either bring you some wounding news or bring up wounding conversations, or it will allow you to step up and share some information or knowledge that has been acquired through your life experience hard won through your own wounding interactions. For you this will be focused on your name, identity, body, image, brand, or personal goals and the goal, ambition, career path, reputation, fame, parent, boss, or other authority figure you are dealing with now. Do your best to align your vulnerable and healing side to what comes up.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 25th marks the 3rd and final Eclipse of the Spring and will be bringing a major ending or achievement that focuses on a partner in romance or business, an agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, opponent, or other key person. There may be something legal, wedding related, travel oriented, about higher education, beliefs, politics, media, marketing, publishing, or adventure around this peak moment. Something will likely be eclipsed out as you reach this celebratory high point or wrap things up here.

Mercury moves into Cancer on the 31st and thoughts will turn to making money, possessions and your security needs here. This trend will take you into June so you may hear about an income opportunity now or come up with some great ideas about ways to make money that you wish to pursue. Mars moves into Gemini today as well which will light you up and give you the physical boost of passion that you’ve been waiting for. This period into June will be all about you feeling more physically alive and perhaps working through any anger as well. It will help you to motivate, especially where personal or physical needs are concerned. If you feel ready to look more deeply into your personal chart with Zoe for some added clarity or insight about what is ahead you can email for dates and rates here


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