Get ready for June, Gemini, it’s going to be big!  It starts off on the 2nd as Venus exits your sign and moves into your money making arena.  Here the goddess of goodies will help smooth things out, bring you more charm and ability to attract when it comes to earnings, acquisitions, possessions, and being valued, and may bring a female around that is beneficial to your aims here.  Love will glow around objects of affection, enjoyment of the finer things in life and purchases so don’t go overboard but do enjoy.

The last Trigger date for last month’s Solar Eclipse arrives on the 6th and may bring a last chapter to something involving a clandestine romance or private tryst, something in the artistic realm like film, music or painting, a spiritual pursuit, meditation, yoga, or magical interests, something involving hospitals, prisons or other institutions, research or investigations, Karma or hidden matters, projects you have in development, or dreams and the imagination.  This would be another level kicking in.

Friday the 7th will have that new Venus energy amping up over making money, spending it, building things, or feeling valued.  Today this will include some positive and solid moments around goals or career aims, people in power positions and your work, health, paperwork, or pets.  Neptune Retrogrades today as well and will remain in backwards motion through November 17th.  This period will be your cue to take the imagination inward and work on goals, career aims, reputation, status, and ambitions with an eye on past artistry, spiritual direction, romantic need, institutional interests, research, or work behind the scenes.  You may have an old boss return or something involving a parent or judge reawaken, but there is something magical happening during this period that will help you step out in the Fall in new ways.

The NEW MOON on the 8th is in your sign and rings in your new year!  This is your best 2 week window to launch forward in new directions or take things to that next level and it has to do with your name, identity, image, body, brand, or personal desires.  The cosmos is giving you the push you need if you are proactive and partner with your Moon.  Join the gym, see the doctor, get the make-over, buy new wardrobe, get your brand out there, get married, get engaged, go back to school, change your name, it’s up to you!  Today there will be some need to make adjustments around work, paperwork, co-workers, employees, health needs, or pets as you start your process.  There will also be something surprising or changing that takes you off guard with an aspiration, friend, group, the internet, astrology, charity, or social networking that will involve your income or feeling valued, communicate.

Chiron Retrogrades on the 16th and will remain in Retrograde through November 19th.  Chiron has been flagging Neptune in Pisces and will be playing out in the same ways but Chiron rules our wounds and healing abilities.  So you may have something shift now that opens up a wound or helps you to heal, pushes you to reach for your inner guru to help others through your own painful experiences, and takes you into artistic realms, spiritual pursuits, hospitals or other institutions, addictions, clandestine romance, research, or development.  Use this time to lay balm upon any wounds.

The 19th has 2 parts that are significant, the first being the Sun and Jupiter coming together in very lucky, expansive ways.  This is happening in your sign and is amazing for you right before Jupiter exits your sign not to return for another 12 years.  You can stand out today, take the lead, shine your light, and make it about you, your body, image, personality, name, brand, identity, or ego needs.  With Jupiter in the mix it may involve legal channels, wedding plans, media, education, travel, or something adventurous, say yes!  The other part of the day may be challenging as Mars bumps Chiron pushing on the wound and urging you do something personally or physically about your goals.  This will be the nudge you need to face fears, don’t hide.

The Sun enters Cancer on the 21st marking the Summer Solstice.  Happy Summer 🙂  For you this means that there is now a spotlight on your money making capabilities and offers, an added boost for you when stepping into leadership roles over income, acquisitions, building things, feeling valued, or dealing with possessions, and your turn to shine over the next 30 days here.  Expect to pour more personal and physical energy into these topics.

The last Trigger date for last month’s Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius arrives on the 22nd and may bring a last chapter to the climactic high points or endings around partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, opponents, advocates, or other key relationships.

The FULL MOON arrives on the next day, the 23rd, bringing its own climax around sexual interests, divorce, the big financial matters you are plowing through, a death or birth, third party situations, power struggles or people, and control.  It’s about celebrating achievements or wrapping things up as they peak.

Jupiter has blessed you with a new view of life over this past year as the lord of luck and expansion has toured your sign and on the 25th this wraps up and he moves into Cancer.  Here he begins a huge new phase for you in the year ahead over earnings, possessions, acquisitions, anything you wish to build upon, and finding things that make you feel valued.  This may have some flavor around home or real estate, moves or family, but will help you to exceed your current level.  He won’t be back for another 12 years here so jump in.  Since the Sun just took up residence here and is putting you up front in the first leg of the yearlong transit you should be ready for the big things about to happen!

And as if the universe isn’t full of enough energy here, on the 26th Mercury Retrogrades and will take you back over past opportunities, issues, relationships, and situations involving your income, possessions, acquisitions, and feeling valued between now and July 22nd.  This period is your chance to clear the decks or air, revisit past ideas or money making schemes, review what you did or didn’t do and what can be fixed or left behind, and then move on it once Mercury Retrograde is over.   You should try to hold off on purchasing new electronics, vehicles or signing new documents during this phase if the wait won’t hurt you in some way but it is ok to sign agreements with past offers coming back around.

The last energy shift of the month arrives on the 27th with Venus moving into Leo and moving the love into flirtatious play and your local neighborhoods or nearby towns.  This brings more ease and attraction for love or income through talks, meetings, writing, agreements, and sales, and may smooth things out with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics.  You will definitely have the gift of gab and a few inspired invitations.  For those of you that would enjoy a more fine-tuned look into your own unique birth chart, you can email Zoe for rates and dates here



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