August brings a big decision or offer your way Gemini. It’s a month when you just must get your ideas out there, pour energy into writing projects or agreements, make sales or push a big sale through, and in any way that you are feeling it take things to the next level or open up new opportunities with brothers, sisters, neighbors, a move, vehicles, electronics, or important meetings. You should make a commitment to get more active in your local scene or embark on a short trip or two, the more you communicate or get out there the better you will see things go for you. This starts in earnest on the 6th with the New Moon and gives you a very powerful 2 week window to launch so rev it up and go for it. Did I mention it enhances your flirt quotient?

There will be 2 days that kick things into higher gear in these New Moon arenas this month and they come on the 8th and 27th. The 8th is when your ruler, Mercury, gets into the picture so at least one of those big meetings, talks, offers, sales, agreements, writing, or sibling, vehicle, electronic, short trip, move, or local opportunities will amp up now. Mercury just adds more ideas, meetings and decisions into the mix so think of it as fuel injector that will put you into high gear. Mercury stays until the 23rd so if you do have something to sign, ask for, write, agree upon, or propose, do so in this interim. Mars moves in on the 27th. By then you will have made your moves under the New Moon and Mars will come along to add some passion or stir you to drive things a bit further. Mars is all about the action and he may bring a younger male into the picture that pushes things for you in one or more of the matters addressed above or he may bring up any anger you are feeling in the situation so you can address it. Just watch yourself out on the roads!

The other area of life that will get a lot of attention, especially in the last week of August, will be about home, real estate deals, moves, renovations, roommates, family, a parent, or anything else tied to the roots of your life and sense of security. The Sun moves here on the 22nd followed by Mercury on the 23rtd so from here forward you will be pouring more personal and physical energy into these subjects as well as getting into more talks, meetings, hunkering down on the writing, agreements or sales, making your moves, doing more locally or through short trips, and if necessary involving siblings, neighbors, transportation, and electronics. Note that there will be 3 important days this month when home, real estate, family, the parent, roommate, renovation, or move comes into focus with another person. These dates are the 1st, 25th and 29th. All three days will ask that you balance the Karma in the situation, deal with the powers that be and any wounds that may need healing. It’s important to trust your inner guidance now and come from your highest goals.

Venus changes signs on the 16th moving into Libra and triggering some fun times for you when it comes to your love life, the kids, creative outlets, or recreational pursuits. In the weeks ahead Venus will strive to smooth out ongoing issues and help you attract more love or see the money flow around creative endeavors come a bit more easily. A woman may enter the picture that is beneficial to your love life or creative pursuits, helps with the kids or gets you out there for some fun, all good! There will however be one period to watch with this new influence and it comes on the 23rd/24th, a Saturday. Venus will tangle with Pluto on this day which on the one hand can bring about staggering, deep intimacy and sexual transformation in love but on the other side of the coin could bring a heap of jealousy, obsession, control issues, triangles, or manipulation. If you feel yourself careening into the dark side, let it go for the day, just let it go and find something else to turn your attention towards. This may bring up financial or divorce issues affecting the kids or your love life, your creative projects or recreation, as well. If it shows up as a hurdle know you will find a way to get over it up ahead.

There will be a couple of important days between you and another person over the finances and these arrive on the 7th and 21st. The most likely focus will be on your income or earning potential on these days but for some of you it will end up being about being valued or what is going on with an acquisition or possession. The 7th this will put you with someone else as you deal with the outside financial resources, divorce, third party situations, or intimate needs. It’s a big day for making changes or transforming the situation. On the 21st your income, possessions, acquisitions, or sense of value will meet with the direction you are taking in life. It may bring up career matters, something with a boss or parent, any wounding that is in the mix, and your ability to heal. It will also bring a sudden change involving a friend, group, the internet, astrology, a charity, or gathering so be flexible. You may find that this energy is motivating some originality from you in new ways.

The FULL MOON on the 20th is bringing a major peak for you around an aspiration or cause you are tied to and it will culminate legally or through media, marketing or publishing, be tied to education or wedding, or involve travel or foreign interests. It is in these higher areas of the mind and the dissemination of ideas that you are seeing a climax now as things are achieved, celebrated or you mark endings. Take the time to see how far you have come since this time last year and note who your true soul group is as you look around at these highpoints. What do you want to embrace and what are you ready to let go?

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