Ready, set, go!!! That is what is about to happen for you Gemini, when it comes to your love life, creative projects, recreational opportunities, and children. This starts on the 4th with a powerful NEW MOON that is opening up 2 strong weeks for you to initiate fresh starts towards any of these themes. The thing that is so amazing about this particular new beginning is that it intertwines with a Grand Cross so it is set to be that much more active and dynamic. Expect your own aspirations and any social interests to be drawn into this as well as some financial or value energy to swirl around it, possibly setting off sexual chemistry or issues, divorce, possessions, purchases, and money to set the stage.

There is a large adjustment required on the 5th as the serious energy around work, organization, health, pets, paperwork, hired help, co-workers, and services, comes up against something sudden, freeing or changing involving aspirations, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, parties, gatherings, or personal freedom. It’s a background shift in your life but one you may feel as you see things shifting a bit and need to adapt. Pay attention to these contingencies because it will be in this work, health, paperwork, and pet arena that the Mercury Retrograde will take you backtracking up ahead.

Venus kicks off a new love/money cycle on the 7th by moving into your key relationship zone. Wowza! This is about helping you attract the love or money through romantic partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, dealing with the competitors, or opponents. This trend takes you through the rest of this month so expect things to smooth out and for women to benefit your aims here, but most of all for you to find that it is through relationship that the best things are flowering now. There will be 2 days that may challenge, the 10th and 16th, when some issue over goals, career, a boss, parent, judge, or other authority figure, your reputation, or status, will come front and center. This is about wounds and healing so take it easy on how you approach people now.

Mars is also moving into a new energy field this month, entering Virgo on the 15th and amping up what is going on at home, with real estate deals, family, a parent, roommates, moves, or renovations. This kicks off a period when you will have lots more going on here, you will be motivated or more passionate, or dealing with a fight or anger issues, surgery or heat. The details matter and you should have plenty of energy to make things happen here now. 2 days stand out for you that will involve another person over these matters, they arrive on the 19th and 31st. These days will bring up anything involving goals, career, parents, the boss, judge, or other authority figure, and again what is going on with the home, move, real estate, family, parent, renovation, or roommate. It’s important to focus in on healing here.

The FULL MOON on the 18th is a massive energy high point because not only is it Full Moon energy peaking but a LUNAR ECLIPSE! This means things are wrapping up, ending, being achieved, coming through or celebrated with friends, groups, aspirations, social gatherings, the internet, astrology, charities, your freedom, original ideas, inventions, causes, or visionary direction. You can look back at September 20th for clues as to what is peaking now.

Mercury entered his shadow on the 1st of the month and things started to slow down or you began experiencing some deja vu or past moments. Now, on the 21st Mercury Retrogrades. This will last until November 10th and take you back over past work opportunities or issues, paperwork, health issues or interests, moments with past co-workers, people you have hired, or pet needs. This is your chance to rework, revise, reclaim, or release so look at old agreements, sales, meetings, talks, or decisions regarding these themes and let yourself experience any potential here so you are clear about what goes forward and what stays behind. It’s ok to sign agreements if they come through past people or opportunities during this phase but better to hold off on new ones if you can do so without losing out on the opportunity. Same goes with electronics and mechanical devises and purchase here. The Sun follows into this territory on the 23rd and will spend 30 days here so you can expect to be pouring more of your own personal or physical energy into these topics and possibly tying in your name, identity, image, body, or brand.

The last major aspect this month is about upheaval, rebirth, wounds, healing, and the opportunity to evolve things in a better way. This will play out over sex, divorce, a financial situation, death, birth, or third party situation, and the goal, career, parent, boss, or other authority figure. This is about being vulnerable and powerful at the same time and transforming the situation. For a more in-depth look at your unique patterns in play you can schedule a private reading with Zoe by emailing for rates and dates at



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