It’s a radical, powerful month of change for everyone as the Uranus/Pluto square hits critical mass but it plays out in different arenas and for you it has a lot to do with how you are redefining or reinventing yourself via your friendships, group affiliations or activities, internet interests, astrology, charities, social gatherings, personal freedom, inventions, original ideas, or personal aspirations. You may never get a more intense month this lifetime for setting about to awaken on some new and exciting level. What dreams do you hold most dear, Gemini?

Since part of this aspect is about purging and re-birthing, you should make certain that you are rooted as you will be facing how you feel about life and death, divorce, sexual intimacy, loans, debt, inheritance, insurance, taxes, settlements, investments, commissions, bankruptcy, your partner’s money, and any other shared resources in the mix. How do you evolve? You may be making the changes or reacting to changes coming at you tied to all of the above but it is really about knowing that you are at the top of this climactic 3 years of changes and right now it is all as it is meant to be.

The NEW MOON On the 3rd opens up brand new job opportunities or helps you find new things to do at work, you may get a new co-worker or start some new project with co-workers, you may hire someone to help you out, sign important paperwork, start a new health regime or see a doctor, adopt a pet or get involved with animals, or set about to organize your environment. You have 2 strong weeks to put things in motion, go!

Venus moves into Capricorn on the 5th where she will begin to smooth things out or help you attract more love or money through sexual connections, dealing with sexual issues, divorce proceedings, third party situations, dealing with a death, welcoming a birth, or the major financial interests in focus like obtaining a loan, paying off debt, getting an inheritance, boosting commissions, or the like. A woman may become pivotal in one or more of these areas.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and growth opportunities, goes Retrograde on the 7th and begins to backtrack through your income, possessions and purchases zone. This will be good for some of that big spending you’ve been doing, slowing it down, but it may also slow down increases in pay over the next few months so expect to remain steady and plan accordingly. The big push you’ve had over possessions will also ease. You now get to catch up to where you find yourself and may benefit in earnings by focusing on ways to earn already on the table or tied to the past.

Mercury goes Direct, ending his Retrograde, on the 10th so you will now see things shift a bit where work, paperwork, health, or pets are concerned. You’ve had weeks now to finish up past issues or reconnect with past opportunities in these areas and now you should have a clear idea about what you want going forward. You have a green light to purchase electronics or mechanical items or sign agreements after today. If you wish to wait until the shadow is over then November 26th is the last day.

Neptune goes Direct after a long slumber on the 13th and your artistry and the magic is back on when it comes to your career or personal goals. It’s all about your intuition now and anything you wish to push ahead involving film, music, art, meditation, yoga, hospitals, healing, research, investigations, a great romance, or your imagination should flow for you. If you are dealing with a parent, boss or other authority figure these themes will now move more easily as well. Chiron has been Retrograde in the same areas and goes Direct on the 19th so at this point you may be ready to face a wound or begin healing associated with these themes.

The FULL MOON on the 17th is one that is accentuating your behind the scenes interests so this is your climax period for artistic projects, a romantic getaway, spiritual pursuits, hospital matters, addictions, research, investigations, rest, dreams, or projects in development. You will be wrapping things up, marking an ending, noting achievements, or celebrating tied to these themes now.

The Sun moves into Sagittarius on the 21st and lights up your relationship zone for the next 30 days. This is about you putting more personal or physical energy into those one-on-one connections and taking the lead on something. Look to romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, opponents, or others.



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