As March gets under way your main area of concern should be to do what you can to wrap up any past issues, needs, ideas, or situations involving loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, investments, settlements, commissions, royalties, your partner’s money, or any other outside financial resource. This part of your chart is also concerned with sexual attractions and issues, reproductive needs, divorce, and death, so you may be tending to past people or matters involving these themes as well. Do it now because on the 11th you get a NEW MOON in these financial, sexual and divorce arenas and from then forward you are in the best 2 week window of the year to get things moving in new directions.

Mars moves into Aries on the 12th bringing more fire and motivation for you to do something with legal matters, travel plans, education, media, marketing, publishing, or weddings. You will want to motivate here, express passions or deal with anger in the weeks ahead, get moving.
Mercury ends his Retrograde cycle on the 17th so you now have the green light to sign documents, purchase new vehicles or electronics and say yes to new financial interests, divorce proceedings or sexual conquests.

The Sun moves into Aries on the 20th marking the Spring Equinox. This is followed by Venus moving here on the 21st. The combination will mean that you are now pouring more personal and physical energy into traveling, visiting with people from a distance, getting into import/export, teaching or taking classes, throwing yourself into media, marketing or publishing matters, pushing your brand or identity into the mix, visiting the attorney or courtroom, signing legal documents, and possibly walking down the aisle or out meeting with the wedding planner. It’s time to take the lead in these matters. Venus here will smooth things out, help you attract more love or income through these areas and bring women on board that are beneficial to your aims here.

Note that the 22nd will be quite active with some excitement and positive change involving the travel, legal, media, educational, or wedding plans, or it will shake things up, bring change or surprises that you weren’t expecting. Passions or anger will be stirred as you jump into the fray.

Plan on making adjustments or adapting on the 23-25th over any serious matters at home, with family, mom, moves, real estate deals, or roommates. Look at commitments, endings, structure, time, and ambitions here and then talk things out with a friend or group, make decisions about internet or charities, and get active over those legal, travel, media, educational, or wedding plans.

The 26th will be active as Mars gets busy again with trips, law, education, weddings, media, marketing, or publishing. This will push you to deal with any work, paperwork, health needs, or pets and open things up.

Chiron is active the 27-29 so wounds or healing will be in focus in your sex life, divorce or over some major financial matter. Look for Karmic balance and ways to open up ideals, expand talks and make decisions that allow for the most growth.

The FULL MOON arrives on the 27th bringing a big peak for you through news you were waiting on, a proposal, decision, talk, meeting, agreement, sale, writing project, sibling, neighbor, vehicle, electronic, local activity, or short trip. This moment is about high points of achievement, celebration or endings. If you are ready to look more deeply into your own unique chart you can schedule a reading with Zoe by emailing or calling 818-613-6067.



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